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Hey, guys! This week I’m sharing with you my healthy night time routine. This is everything I do from the moment I get home until I go to sleep. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

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  1. Does using coconut oil cream really help your face with acne and hydrating skin?

  2. bro this dude dose a lot of time on his watch

  3. I love this healthy tips video. Pls more like this

  4. Tht little note making for next day thngs actually helped me !! Thnks a lot dr.

  5. You have a beautiful view from your apartment

  6. Where’s Roxy?

  7. I wished i had my shit together

  8. U are so gorgeous

  9. That dude at the end is super cool.

  10. your posture is so bad

  11. I feel like I'm so stressed about school, it's nearly impossible for me to have a 7-9 hour sleep. Seven hours max

  12. Taking a ice cold shower before going to sleep does wonders.

  13. Wowo…dogging branches

  14. This is just in front of camera . It's impossible to have these routines on a daily basis.. impossible

  15. My dog is called roxi

  16. he’s a real life mcdreamy

  17. I wanted to show my grandpa this channel bc my sister wants to be a doctor and i was trying to show him that being a doctor helps even people's daily life and when he said " or, having sex " my grandpa looked like he was going to throw his couch at me

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