My fresh faced skincare routine *FINALLY*

Hey everyone!!

I’m so excited to finally have this video up for you guys, since it has been the most requested video on this channel!

A special thank you to Teami for sending me this awesome mask.

Be sure to use my code JF25 for 25% off of the Detox Mask!

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  1. Travel skin care routine…….. anyone?

  2. Hiii Jasmine, I really want to know how you don't have any dark circles under you're eyes, i'm so jealous of you're clear skin and I know you're a student and you prb have a busy schedule. Can you maybe tell us how you get rid of the dark circles under you're eye?

  3. when she said she was having such a bad skin week… wHERE BOO???

  4. I use the Cetaphil cleaner presently but I’m going to stop once I run out, because Cetaphil is not Paraben free! It is full of harmful Parabens. Also try retinol cream, it works pretty well.

  5. Your husband’s beard routine next?

  6. this video was super informational and real !! <33 I love using tea tree oil, it really helps when i'm breaking out

  7. coconut oil could clog your pores and cause breakouts! just wanted to let you know♡

  8. how do you keep your teeth that white?

  9. 0:20 girl where ??????????????? Im dying hahahhahha

  10. Please prank Dawoud

  11. بليز ي حلوه حطي ترجمه عربيه انا بفهم بعض الاشياء ب النقلش بس مو الكل، كثير حلوه انتي ماشاء الله

  12. muddy body!

  13. from where u by ordinary products in Canada?

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