My Favorite “Health Hack”, How to Get the Best Night of Sleep Possible and How I Took 17 Years off

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I recently spent an entire month in Estonia. It’s a small country near the border of Finland and was the site of the 2018 Mind Valley University. I was fortunate to be invited as a Key Teacher at the month-long event and I wanted to share with you a conversation I had with Vishen Lakhiani. Vishen had a few questions for me, and I was also able to answer a few questions from the audience. You can watch the whole interview and check out Mind Valley U here. In my chat with Vishen, you’ll discover: -How the remedies to many common maladies are right in front of us in nature if we just know how and where to look… 7:00 -How you can “hack” your environment to mimic that of our ancestors, even if you’re relegated to sitting in front of a computer screen all day… 9:30 -The research that shows how much exercise is “too much” for your own situation… 17:00 -What is my favorite “health hack?”… 24:00 -My thoughts on getting the best night of sleep possible… 29:00 -What are my thoughts on “nutrigenomics”?… 42:15 -The one change I made that took 17 years off my biological age… 47:45 -My best advice on how to look good in the buff… 59:30 -And MUCH more! Episode Sponsors: -Omax. Try a box on the house using my special link! -The Thorne Line of Products exclusively at my company Kion. -Gluten Guardian Get 10% off your order using promo code  “greenfield”. -Health IQ Save between 4-33% on your health insurance policy for living a healthy lifestyle. Resources from this episode: -Willpower Doesn’t Work by Benjamin Hardy Have a question about anything I talked about in my interview with Vishen? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!



Denise Galiano says:

This is one of the best podcasts from Ben….straight forward and to the point. Love it. Thanks

Field111 says:

Yeah olive oil is one of those tricky ones where it's a good one assuming it's actually olive oil and it's not spoiled already.

Ben Nguyen says:

Since coffee and saunas are said to raise your heart-rate, any thoughts on this sequence during a 23:1 fasting week:

Mindfulness/Meditation (outdoor Sun Salutation or with full spectrum light)
8-min Tabata Workout / Endurance exercises for CVD/brain

Late Evening:
45-min Pre-Workout drink: Vitamin-C (50mg) + Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate (15g)
6-30 min very slow weight lifting to failure
Dinner (Leucine rich),

Also, since Tabata seems to be good only for cardio, what's a recommended short program for strength training? Keith Baar had a great TEDx on a workout routine.

Peter says:

@ 53. Valter Longo's 5 day fast is not w/o food. It's about 750 kcal per day of which about half is fat. This is to make it more appealing to a lot more people and to make it safer.
Protein is under a hundred calories and remainder is complex carbs. On this he has observed a 300% increase in circulating stem cell at the end of 5 days. Doesn't appear there has been enough testing to determine the optimum time and extent of stem cells production in all the organs

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