Some of my favorite make up tricks. Theres so many beauty hacks out there but these are the ones I stick to the most all the time.

Music : Francesca Lombardo – Sofiel

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  1. I love you. Greetings from Venezuela!!

  2. sorry to bother but I a huge fan from south America and I always wonder if you could tell your fans from here how you got an international career, and how did you start to live in NYC ( it's kind of my dream !!) thanks a lot, you're beautiful 🙂

  3. u look like vini

  4. u give me ariana grande vibes

  5. me acabo de dar cuenta de que a veces tienes un aire a Shakira enorme

  6. ❤️_❤️

  7. Your smile is so cute! Love your videos! <3

  8. A beauty vlogger who likes house and techno? You are my new favourite

  9. amo tu pelo, me encantaaa 😀

  10. oh come on why does she never look onto the camera!

  11. you are sooo beautiful love you

  12. Does anybody know which dry shampoo she is using??

  13. why are you so beautiful :'(… I want to be like you…

  14. You are so beautiful and such an inspiration ❤️

  15. seni çok seviyorum ı love you

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