Some of my favorite make up tricks. Theres so many beauty hacks out there but these are the ones I stick to the most all the time.

Music : Francesca Lombardo – Sofiel



Angye Romero says:

I love you. Greetings from Venezuela!!

Cheel Morais says:

sorry to bother but I a huge fan from south America and I always wonder if you could tell your fans from here how you got an international career, and how did you start to live in NYC ( it's kind of my dream !!) thanks a lot, you're beautiful 🙂

Mry Ak says:

u look like vini

Sara Kayali says:

u give me ariana grande vibes

Bels BB says:

me acabo de dar cuenta de que a veces tienes un aire a Shakira enorme

maria carolina Vecchiotti says:


Maren H says:

Your smile is so cute! Love your videos! <3

Debi Dooms says:

A beauty vlogger who likes house and techno? You are my new favourite

Nath pink says:

amo tu pelo, me encantaaa 😀

Yolanda Fraga says:

oh come on why does she never look onto the camera!

Alfajiri says:

you are sooo beautiful love you

xenia ang says:

Does anybody know which dry shampoo she is using??

I. just I. says:

why are you so beautiful :'(… I want to be like you…

TeamPeeta16 says:

You are so beautiful and such an inspiration ❤️

Dilek Zeliha Sarıkaya says:

seni çok seviyorum ı love you

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