!!MUST SEE TRANSFORMATION | Mid Fade W/ Curls | How To Fade Hair Tutorial | By Dlucs_

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Dylan says:

That white boy hair texture clean ome

giselle perez says:

“Take an hour on a fade” lmao tell that to my shity SportClips employer

noah stump says:

Freshest he will ever be and ever been

Mike99 Mike99 says:

Dope channel bro .

What kind of face Mask do u use to make your skin shine ?

Marcia Prieto says:

Andis Envy is cordless. And this cut was great!!!

Darin Jenkins says:

This is a good example on why everyone should not get a skin fade..

Jay Hari says:

Speaking of shavers….i just got the Wahl Shaver Shaper for Christmas and man, I'm diggin it! Nothing bad to say about it at all. (Gotta stay clean shaven fot work, and using it every 2-3 days is dope.) I love the machine itself, and taking it apart to clean it, i love it all lol.

Jay Hari says:

Daaaammn, buddy went from bummy to fresh. Nice cut D

Suga says:

do you zero gap seniors

Cris Orozco says:

Yo sick cut. Quick question tho, are these babyliss trimmers zero gapped or same from factory?


My mans just blew in his clippers and probably blew saliva on them but clean cut

shawnte lewis says:

Flawness! Now he's living his best life! More videos please!

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