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  1. I’m still stuck on when he said charging an extra 100$ for a haircut, sorry to say that but you not worth all that no haircut is.

  2. That’s a amazing cut bro!!!! That style is the shit

  3. Shoom shoom shoom

  4. Fastest way to get this Type of technique done start with two guard and the three guard after the one guard buh done way up and the 1-half then the half open the rest you you handle it good luck

  5. Dlucs, what's the model of the blades you use with your straight blades? I bought these very cheap "derby" blades off Amazon.fr. Can you suggest good blades to buy? Great job brotha!! C'est du tonnerre ce que tu fais mec, tonnerre!!

  6. Do american's have some sort of fetish with small mustaches?

  7. Another beard was destroyed!

  8. That nose tho wtf

  9. From respectable lumberjack to metrothug in 14 minutes.

  10. I think you should add a before and after at the end of each video, it’ll give each haircut more depth and affect for us watching. It’ll just show us how much you did

  11. Moustache should be bushier for that length of the beard IMHO. Good cut anyways.

  12. no edge up?

  13. This nigga charges 160$ for a whole service wtf.

  14. Epic Beard Time

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