This is what I do to my face on the daily!

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Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash-Redness Reducing
Olay Regenerist
Eletone Cream (prescription moisturizer)
Pond’s Cream (cheap moisturizer)
Adapalene Gel (acne medicated cream)
Simple Eye Balm
Fresh Rose Water
Stridex Pads with Aloe
Yes To Cucumber Makeup Wipes
Albolene Cream (makeup remover)
Biotin supplements
Women’s One-A-Day vitamins



Rachel Rafaelov says:

Step one: be stunning

Unknown Playerx99 says:

My Girlfriend! 😉

Meenu Maria Sebastian says:

try this for best result
Brand New Hook. Converts Like Crazy! Celeb Makeup Artist Reveals Secret To Youthful Skin. Evergreen, Mass Appeal Offer W/ Huge Potential For Relationship, Health/fitness, Pd, Or Any Female Traffic Source. Earn Up To 90% Commissions On The Entire Funnel!

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Ava says:

I looooove rosewater too and it’s really helpful for anyone else struggling with redness or eczema

Saniya Rose says:

You are beautiful but obviously your a model so it’s a given

Vaishali Kandpal says:

All her products are from the drugstore. So simple basic routine that anyone can afford and will do.

Zodiac hoe says:

You look like that hot cousin of monica and ross from friends

Tayyaba Imam says:

You might as well be related to Doutzen

Destinys Child says:

I can't believe these typical low self esteem/envious female comments… you are what you eat and how you take care of yourself. You can achieve amazing skin, by investing in how well you take care of yourself and how much time you take to learn about your skin type and the way it reacts to certain habits.

A dermatologist can help steer you in the right direction about your skin, and looking for information on nutrition and routines will get you closer to where you want to be. Knowledge is power. Educate yourselves and if you really want it, go do it.

Adrien BRESSANT says:

Hi beautifully-skinned babe. Greetings from France. Stop wasting your time with cosmetics and start taking care of your much-neglected little mind, which is the only thing you'll be left with in a few years. Here, we used to worship Brigitte Bardot. Back then she was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Here is how she looks now, and how you will look soon, whatever you spread on your smooth little ass:

Brandon Ramirez says:

Imagine being this gorgeous lol

The Mango says:

Her hair tho

Lee Jiasheng says:

See what she eat, how she life habit, and some people just say gene gene gene, annoying

Ilina Kapoor says:

my skin looks like yours on a good day and looks the opposite on a bad day ugh lol

Iftekhar Ahmed says:

i’m swooning over her natural beauty ..

Jewel Whiting says:

*clicks on video in hopes *
relises i just dont have good genes

Sandi says:

Which is good moisturiser for an oily skin? And can you do a hair care routine as well?

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