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Don’t you ever wonder what is the best makeup for mature skin? Want something that will give you coverage, but not settle into fine lines and wrinkles? something to make us look more youthful, vibrant, and radiant ? Then this is the tutorial for you! You will learn the best tricks for mature skin, as well as troubled skin! I also have to thank you Beautiful Mom for allowing me to do this on her!
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For help with a color match with the Maskcara makeup, click here:

Tarte Shape tape:

Bye Bye under eye from IT COSMETICS:

All Maskcara beauty products:

Brushes and tools, and perfector sponge:

Eyeshadow Colors:
Peppa( light pinkish color used all over the lid):

Oak ( used in the outer corner, and on eyebrows) :

Illuminator used on the brow bone:

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  1. I can tell you mom is very sweet, and you're so blessed to have her. She is very beautiful too.

  2. Beautiful job!!

  3. Good video…

  4. Does your Mom know we’re crazy about you?!! You did a great job and thanks to your mom for coming on…she looks great!

  5. Your mom is beautiful!!!!

  6. Did you put a moisturizer or primer on your mom's face first?

  7. You and your mo look beautiful I love your hair

  8. I have that setting powder too. I love it!

  9. Your mom is beautiful! Great job on the makeup! It looks age appropriate and not overdone. Your hair looks great btw!

  10. Your mama is so cute. Happy Mothers Day! Love this video!

  11. Omg! Love love love your hair

  12. Beautiful Harmony hello…your mom is gorgeous…can see where you get your beauty from! Thank you for your very helpful vids…I'm 52 and feel prettier since watching your vids! You really are extraordinarily stunning! God bless you sweet girl and thank you again!!

  13. Ahhh so glad you did this. I’ve been asking other blogger to do their mom with no reply. Hats off to you and your gorgeous mom. Thanks again. Two brave ladies

  14. I was hoping you would do a video for mature women, thank you! And thank you to your lovely mother!

  15. Luv your mom! She is so laid back…letting you use her as your cute lil' model.

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