Maiko or Geisha putting on face make-up in Kyoto

There is a new, fuller and higher quality version of this film now up, in four parts under the title ‘Maiko or geisha making up’.

JAPAN THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS by Alan Macfarlane explores the mysterious context to this film. It can be found at:

The film was made by Windfall Films. Please see under ‘Global History’ for details and other films.

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  1. I wonder who this Maiko is.

  2. She looks so humble, and serene

  3. She is a maiko I think. That's because you can see that it's her own hair not a wig. Maikos use their own hair and geikos use wigs. But judging by the way she applies her makeup, she is older maiko.

  4. absolutely beautiful

  5. Who came here because of "Memoirs of a Geisha"?
    Anyone? Just me?

    Okay… 🙁

  6. When you're pale af so you gotta put on that extra sunscreen

  7. What I find attractive is when they apply the White makeup on them especially the back of their neck. Not only that but creating their smaller red lip too. Geishas Art is truly beautiful and graceful.

  8. I want that eyeliner! It looked amazing. So jealous.

  9. She is so beautiful, her eye shape in particular is gorgeous.

  10. respect the Geisha. very admirable.

  11. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  12. They chose the absolutely worst camera guy they could find. Stop zooming in so close so we can actually see!

  13. As a professional MUA, I can honestly say this is the best Geisha makeup tutorial on you tube- I would add a few more touches but her technique is absolutely flawless!

  14. lol the teeth

  15. ASMR- geisha edition

  16. The eye makeup doesn't seem completely done

  17. wow i remember watching this video 11 years ago

  18. Okay, I'm gonna try to say this the nicest way possible I do not think they are very beautiful. I mean the way they act do, it's just the way they look is not beautiful in my opinion they look a bit creepy. I'm sorry if I offend any of you in any way

  19. They invented baking and conturing

  20. Her name is Kimiryo. This was the very first film I saw on geisha making up. Thanks for sharing.

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