Maiko or Geisha Painting Her Face – The Full Film

This is a fuller (three times the length), higher-quality, version of a film put up two years ago. Please note the fact that it is not edited and was filmed in order to produce only a minute or two for a world history TV series.

The film was made in April 1999 in Kyoto by Windfall Films. Please see under ‘Global History’ for details and other films. The camera man was Robin Probyn

The book JAPAN THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS by Alan Macfarlane explores the mysterious context to this film. It can be found at

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williamkazak says:

This is a privilege to watch. Such awesome transformation to A real beauty.

Zyzy Azizah says:

When it's getting cakey, nightmare for all girls lol

Нікіта Лісоўскі says:

28:38 i could only think of Kayako Saeki trying not to look scary xD sorry

sasquatchintown says:

I can't see how this video to some is so wonderful and amazing, etc….these women were forced to do this, and they didn't have a choice on whether or not they had sex…terrible…screw tradition.

A Miller says:

Girl you better pull that skin up to defy gravity.
So heavy handed.
No less a Beautiful artform.

Glamazonprince says:

Any cake makeup that you wet and apply like ben Nye or mehron gives the same look but in skin tone.just use a seaweed sponge it's a very matte dry perfect finish.not for older skin but if your oily it will last all day even under hot have to blend and blend and apply alot to smooth out not light cushion makeup dapping you gotta beat that shit into the skin then go a bit extra and apply neutral set pro setting by been Nye it's absorbs oil and sweat.the idea is to look like a blank canvas just two eyes and. Nostrils then you can go in and reshape and color in the face you want.i say fuck the bone structure I draw in what's prettiest.this only works on young girls.if your older kevyn aucoin sensual skin is that level in cream and you can do the same it won't last as long and might need touch ups but over 25 a cake powder looks like crypt keeper around the eyes.mac makes a water activated white cake that goes on just like that but is easier and is even more opaque.rcma made a cream shade soecialfor Natalie Portman as amadala it's that white look in rcma cream easier to do for sister is a fucking clown at applying pisses her off her brother can paint a face for a Vogue shoot in 20 minutes and she spends an hour to look like a truck stop tranny hooker

Sylvael2002 says:

Holy shit, at first I was thinking 'this is how The Grudge lady puts her makeup on'…

MangaCEI says:

Geishas were contouring before we were.

Brishna Fayad says:

All of that money in garments and makeup but no efforts to provide dental work for these girls?

Brishna Fayad says:

Very pretty but would be nice to see her smile.

cleuza Claw says:

it's not randsome

Julianne Hesketh says:

Drop kicking the cameraman sounds like a good idea! Did he get sacked after this? Every time she does something he wanders off not to mention the unsteadiness. Other than that fantastic insight.

thunderbolt 101 says:

I will strangle this camera man

Dale Frank says:

She is a beautiful woman in or out of makeup.

N Esclovon says:

I don't get how people are making it seem as if being a geisha / maiko is this wonderful world of beauty and art – when in fact; parts of this tradition mirrors human slavery and imprisonment more so than anything else. Of course, today's standards are quite different and women/girls can choose to become a member of this tradition and YES, there are many beautiful and pure culturally iconic things which I can appreciate about it, but NOT as it was when girls were sold into this lifestyle and forced to work off their debts and held against their will in most cases. Just because you throw on a beautiful kimono and slap some make up on a pretty young face, doesn't make it any less cruel than what it was…and I am certain, it does not take away the pain and suffering some of these women endured. If a young girl was sold to an okyia, she was then the property of that okyia and could not live or leave of her own free will, NOT until her debts were paid. Kinda sounds like prison or PIMP if you ask me…on the flip side, the girl did get to gain skills and attend school and become a geisha….BUT WHO CHOOSES THIS??? Again, I am in no way attempting to be disrespectful toward anyone or any culture or any traditions, I just don't think it's right to glorify or fantasize something just because it's pleasing to the eye… it just doesn't make sense to me. In today's terms, am I supposed to accept if a common street pimp who buys a young girl and won't let her leave until she pays him/her back and whether that be scrubbing floors, washing cars, or whatever…. am I supposed to be ok with this and compliment how beautiful it is simply because the girl is dressed in beautiful clothing and her hair and makeup are done in some mystical way? I don't get it….

Anha Afrin says:

Disturbing video….too much zooming

Ginger Peters says:

watching the makeup art was nice. It was that music that made me mute it. It sounded like a mouse running on a piano.

Moth’s Mummy says:

She is no looker. Terrible teeth and her chin is too pointed. Much improved by the make up.

Janice leatham says:

I thought she was more beautiful before the paint, but it is a beautiful art.

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