Maiko or Geisha Painting Her Face – part 4, The Lips

This is a fuller (three times the length), higher-quality, version of a film put up two years ago.

The film was made in April 1999 in Kyoto by Windfall Films. Please see under ‘Global History’ for details and other films. The camera man was Robin Probyn

The book JAPAN THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS by Alan Macfarlane explores the mysterious context to this film. It can be found at

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  1. Completely enthralling.

    And this version with music is much better than the other one where we could hear people talking in the background.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Thank you for the fuller version – entrancing. It's so evident she's transforming more than her appearance. She's becoming her art.

  3. no wonder my girlfriend takes so long to get ready to go out? fark meee

  4. Teeth. 🙁

    The finished makeup is good but I think the first thing they should have done when accepting her as an apprentice was fit her for braces!

  5. Riveting!!! Couldn't keep my eyes off of the video!!! Thank you…

  6. CAN WE PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS WOMAN'S TEETH. Christ, focus on what she's doing, not your own stupid beauty standard.

  7. hahahaha! sorry for laughing. I agree with you, I just… the way you said it. =)))))

  8. I know, I got a little carried away there…

  9. such beauty I always wanted to be a geisha

  10. What is she using for lipstick? ingredient please

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