Magnetic Eyelashes – Are they worth it? | BN REVIEWS

Welcome to another episode of Beauty News Reviews, today we are trying out magnetic lashes, do they work and how easy are they to apply?

Ardel Double Demi Whispies Magnetic Lashes (affiliate link)
Beauty Bay –

Clueless Kit – Outset


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Janai Mes says:

These are awful to put on. Like the commentor below me said I wish there was a way they could perfect the ease of use of magnetic lashes – because it's a really good idea. But, I tried returning and buying these lashes at least three times, only to have it be an epic disaster…. Each and every time! I applaud anyone who has the patience and the skill to make these work

Janai Mes says:

And for me using the hack of cutting them into different pieces and putting them on and small steps didn't help either. They still would not stick properly. And ask for that applicator? How in the world are you supposed to figure out what lash goes where? I must have tried a million different ways to fit those lashes on there and it didn't work. I used the kiss magnetic lashes. Again, anyone who can make these work – you are more patient and skilled than I am and I wish you the best. I'm doing well to do the tried-and-true glue method

Meesa says:

These were impossible without the applicator, and impossible with the applicator.
Bummer because I love the idea of glueless lashes.

Shelly Barr says:

Thanks, this has veen great entertainment!

Nicole Mariee says:

What are the tweezers you use to place the lashes i need those!

Alicia OrtizColon says:

Hahaha omg I'm so glad I found you goofy gals!!!!! I thought the lower magnet went under the lid! Lol hahaha

Alicia OrtizColon says:

Oooh after you cut it….. maybe not so close to the outside…. it's ok lol

Alicia OrtizColon says:

Haha trash!!! I really do want to get into lashes though! The weight gives you the sultry half closed eye look lol maybe for like a photo session where you cant see the junk lashes very well haha ok I'm blowing up your feed sorry

Has A says:

The accent one's are perfect for everyday wear! They're also a lot easier to put on!

Lisa Briggs says:

Ok so I got these at CVS today …in the 50% off bin still pissed dollar store here they come where my damn glue

Beautiful Disaster says:

I recently purchased the double Demi Wispies and they came pre cut in the package… The top lashes are full and the two bottom ones are cut in half. I still have yet to try them though because I’ve been sick and I broke my arm and the cast goes past my elbow so I cannot rotate my arm properly to even try them right now… It sucks!

Darian DeLuca says:

I got just a regular packet and it didn't come with tweezers so I had to use my hands, took me over an 1 hour just to get them right.

Suze's Land says:

This is the worst product ever

Angela Pinckney says:

Garbage mouths

Stefani Pililis says:

Cut in half then take lower ones and close eye over then put top on with fingers and it works easier!

Miss Jewells says:

You girls need to watch tutorials. You didn’t do them right.

Cecilia Falk says:

I can't stop laughing at this!
You should do a re-shoot of this but while drunk!

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