Look Younger! Things That Make an Aging Woman Look Older ~ Agree or Disagree?

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Jessica Martin says:

America is obsessed with age. Even this video is sending the message to our daughters that it’s not okay to age. We’re setting them up to struggle their whole life.
Why don’t people just stop being so obsessed with an outer appearance

June rodriguez says:

Lol that's funny

Debbie Lee says:

I think a lot of these rules have to do with just looking your best, regardless of age. Yellow teeth, unhealthy hair, too much make up, too tan or too white – all these are unflattering for all women. Unflattering looks on older women may emphasize their age, but unflattering is unflattering on anyone!

Heather Elzinga says:

It has been said a million times, but genuine confidence is the key to looking your best.

Billy Weikel says:

I wanted to ask you if you ever ate things like oatmeal and fruit for breakfast? I'm 45 as well and didn't know if you think that combo of food had to many carbs or do you just stick with a breakfast of eggs and vegetables? Thanks Christy Weikel

Eve Ha says:

The issue with very long hair is that it seems to drag the face downwards, which gravity is already doing. Also, I think hair that moves is more youthful, like shoulder length that can still be worn up sometimes. Ha- I will never give up statement jewelry tho!!

anye76 says:

i had a similar experience as you had in the store. I was in high school. i went to Stop and Shop with my bf at the time and Clueless was all the rage. this lady had on the knee-high socks, plaid mini, platform shoes. we thought from behind it was a classmate. turned out to be somebody's mom. so bf coined it cruise line body shipwrecked face. she was a good looking woman took care of herself and you could tell. in that get up she looked like a fool, trying way too hard. you are correct there are just some things i just won't wear even if i can. my aim is to look my very best at whatever age i am. just because you can wear the same size clothing as a 15 y.o. doesn't mean you should. liked this topic

Sandra V says:

I’m assuming she’s in her early forties. I’ll be 49 in 3 months and I can see the difference in my late 40’s vs early 40’s.

Artsy Cupcake says:

I disagree with the long hair one too. You are right – as long as it is well taken care of! Great tips!

Nicole Tinsley says:

Can you please do an updated AM/PM skincare routine video??

JoeyJayden says:

I think long hair can age some women but make others look younger. I think it depends on the shape of their face. When your 25 55 seems old lol. Now that I'm 40 it feels right around the corner. I also love trends but I agree there's no way I'm wearing crop tops. This was a fun video.

Starlena Jordan says:

#1 way to look old… insecurity!!!

59cottoncandy says:

I'm a new subscriber, your video came up on the screen after the video that I was watching had ended. The topic intrigued me, so I clicked on it. I really enjoyed your video and personality, so I subscribed 🙂

Jan Reichard says:

I think there are some obvious things to stay away from as we mature, short skirts and crop tops for sure! Lol. I don’t think there is an overall bible for women aging though because everyone is different and some can where things others can’t due to weight, health, genetics, etc. I have seen that woman you described that looked 25 from behind and when she turned she looked like the bride of Frankenstein!!! Scared the heck out of me too!!!

Meowlody says:

I am a victim of over plucking in the 90s too! My eyebrows are similar to yours so luckily I didn’t totally ruin them but I do use powder to fill mine in and I dye them once a month. I don’t know how old you are but you look great! I am 38 and I just wear what I like, as we get older we do have to change up our style and makeup a bit but I still wear what I like! I also agree that long hair can sometimes make us look older, I am a hairstylist so my recommendation for an older woman with long hair is adding face framing and all over long layers tends to look more youthful. I keep my hair same length as yours, mid length hair, a long bob/lob looks beautiful on everyone! I like this length cause you can still wear it up and it’s easy to manage. Honestly I wear sneakers all the time cause I’m constantly working or on the go, I cannot do any high heals other than chunky heals. Anytime I see an older woman with nice skin and hair I always ask them what products they use and all of them said using lotion on your face is very important, I’m very picky with my hair products but if I had to pick my favorites I highly recommend Neutrogena triple moisture conditioner and Briogio hair milk, they are seriously miracle products!

san corn says:

It’s so hard to decide on everything you said. To me it’s shiny, healthy hair.

SPAMALOT Camelot says:

Got news for you EVERY FEmale alive IS AN AGIng FEMALE including YOU!

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