Long vs. Short Skin-Care Routine

“It looks like a spa.”

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Larray 2 Thicc says:

Cureology worked the best for me
Thanks Larray for that brand❤️

Nagutama says:

The girl with acne is annoying, i cant tell she does not really care about taking care about her skin, like, seriously taking care.

Margot says:

The girl with short hair sitting that’s with the girl with orange shirt is SO PRETTY. Idk it’s so cute how she’s listening and paying attention to how the other is explaining her skincare routine.

Kitty Cat says:

I just use water……

Marina Ski says:

Just do what makes you feel good, doesnt matter if its 30 minutes or 30 seconds

CuoreVuoto says:

Would you guys tell me the three eye treatments please

Rayan Saad says:

Man, I need to start taking care of my face …PROPERLY

meddie calvan says:

Me using only soap and cream , I tried the 7 step korean skincare routine but i didn't work my skin is oily i think less is better.

Shana Hernandez says:

To be honest, too many products can be worse. Just you don't need a serum and ampoule together, you don't need a lotion and a cream together (that actually sounds crazy). The most important things, make sure you cleanse your face with something that cleanses thoroughly but doesn't dry your face out. Two, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN.

Anna Cannon says:

I used to use a lot of products, now I use soap to wash my face and a tiny bit of coconut oil as moisturiser 🙂 My routine takes less than 1 min and I'm pretty sure my skin loves it 😀

Me So says:

Girl on the left look like bella hadid

Arianna Schall says:

My skincare routine is somewhere in the middle of the long and short routine in the amount of products I use but all my products are more expensive luxury skincare brands and I really think it makes a difference. I’m not even trying to be show-offy I just really find that luxury skincare brands get the job done and can never find cheap alternatives that do as good a job. Does anyone else feel the same?

Widad Rahman says:

3:13 “That’s your face. Not the table.” Wise words

goldenoceans14 says:

Hi…I love skin care

iGot7Teen Stan for life! says:

Is it that weird to have 3 face cleansers?Cause I have 3

Lu Jin says:

It's funny how the ones with long one their skin is no that great

tagynoz 31 says:

You know you have an obsession with skin care when you immediately recognized the Klairs toner from the orange shirt girl's products lol

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