LIFE SAVED_CombOver Shadow Fade Transformation_ by DLUCS_

Thank You Gary V


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Z H says:

One of your best cuts!

Adam soucie says:

Why didnt you show the lineup?

Kaleb Royer says:

Real shit bro stay true like u said it’s a learning process shout out to for spreading the love the experience and the knowledge to help ur fellow barbers stylists and people wanting to pursue a career in the hair business

pablo lopez says:

Nice cut , but don’t really like a line up and hard line with that style of haircut . The natural hairline was better . But of course it’s all preference

R2 C2 says:

Always wondered what Jordan Hill was doing after he left the lakers

Drayek Broad says:

How about when you have a barber that rests his genitals on your hand which is on the hand rest

Kenneth Prince says:

I like your videos and like the fact that you strive for perfection with your hair cuts but with this one i didnt like it and the transition into longer hairs isnt smooth if i saw this haircut i wouldnt even think it was a dluc haircut on to one of your next videos lol

Roman Corre says:

Daayyyum but good work his eyes were looking around saying to him self this dude is stressing

Joshua Bow says:

You slapping the bottle was completely organic lmaooooo hilarious. You da man bro

Sonny Girl says:

Your so cute and I like your style of cutting

Fresh Love says:

Is this Barber Latin?

Fresh Love says:

How do i find your website online?

Sin G says:

He said little bump on the head lol, it’s called an OCCIPITAL BONE

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