LIFE CHANGING BEARD LINE UP_Low Taper w/ Braids_ by DLUCS_ (beats prod. by cxdy)

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youngsavage2412 Boi says:

y when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was kyrie irving

Kam Shah says:

Why am I watching this im bald!

Syl Muzik says:

My barber charge me $5 and my shit be crispy asf lol way better then the ones I was paying 15$ or 20$ for

Dustin PlaysTV says:

I can’t believe you got the chance to cut Kyrie Irving’s hair

Sk M says:

amazingly talented 🙂

karu says:

Wait. Who’s the barber and is he single???

ALlen Hernandez says:

U look like Kyrie Irving from the side

DreadHead Ej says:

I’m dumb I thought that was Kyrie Irving in thumbnail

Charles Babalola says:

he look like kyrie

The RealBaller says:

he’s ugly as hell, idk why people are saying he’s good looking on the comments

Murtaza Khan says:

just laser hair removal the cheek

Kyrie Irving says:

what t outlner u using

Teresa Taylor says:

His eyebrows are so dark and pretty

A C says:

Bro needs to come down to Texas to pay a lot fucking less! lol beard and edge up 10-20

Street fighter vs Xenoverse says:

100 dollars.. Lol

ChasingAesthetics says:

Beard line up could have been way better.

Delaney 1 says:

This is so satisfying

TopSpotGaming Entertainment. says:

dude said a $100 haircut. SMH

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