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Disclaimer: I sound like I know what I’m talking about because I’ve had my own unique experiences with my skin and its reactions to certain products. BUT don’t take my word and nothing but my word for all of these products because our skin types vary! (also, for the last skincare option, I meant to say acne toner! whoops)

Nevertheless, here’s my current, updated skincare routine! Join my giveaway! 💛

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Special Thanks to: Happy Skin!

Q. How old are you?
I’m 18.

Q. Where do you live?
I’ve lived in the Philippines my whole life, but I speak English very well because many Filipinos speak English and Filipino fluently.

Q. What camera do you use?
I use a Canon 80D for my main videos and I use a GOPRO 5 Session and a Canon s120 for my vlogs.

Q. What do you use to edit your videos?
I use Premiere Pro

Q. Every when do you upload?
I try to upload every other week. But because of the uncertainty of school work and such (because I’m an IB Diploma Candidate) I am unable to produce many videos when I have class.

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  1. newbie here 😛 when are you supposed to put on cleanser in the morning? before you shower?

  2. Im suggesting room tour or house tour

  3. At least list all the products you use under the description box!

  4. #EffortlessBeautywithHannah i am oily skinned and i dont really have a skincare routine so maybe having this will change my skin :£

  5. Hi i tried different products just to clear my acnes but i doesn't work. I hope this one will help me to have a clearer skin. I just graduated and i want to give myself a makeover. Im not an introvert but im scared to go outside because im not confident with my face. I hope happy skin can help my problem. 🙂 btw im always watching your vids you're energetic, simple and you look kind and pretty!!

  6. Watch Janina’s skin care routine cuz Hannah is literally saying everything Janina said

  7. The fact is, true lazy girls have no skincare routine. lol.

  8. Hi Hannah! Where can I buy a simple micellar cleansing water? Huhu thank you so much!

  9. Lmao this is like my routine every single day so probly im rlly lazy lololololol)ll

  10. you are so cute!! i love your accent!!

  11. Shootvery unfortunate that i missed out this vlog.. Loove happy skin much.. Shoot anyway I'm 30yo but I'm obsessed with you @hannahkathleenp hahaha so lit

  12. Where can I buy this Radiance eye cream, Hannah? ☺☺☺

  13. Is this Day and Night routine?

  14. you looks like ylona

  15. Hi Hannah, can you post the specific name and brand of the products in order? Thankyouuu!! 🙂

  16. You really sound smart. OH MY GOD I <3 U

  17. Is this everynight?

  18. Hi @Hannah, ask ko lang kung may eczema ka and kung okay lang yung happy skin as a skin care for people with eczema? Thanks!

  19. YAS THANK GOD lmao I laughed so hard

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