Korean Routine – How To Prevent Crows Feet In Your 40s (No Botox!)

Limpeh in Seoul – Today, I share with you guys my secret of keeping crows feet off my face even in my 40s. Yes, you can prevent crows feet even in your 40s!



Joey Gagliardi says:

The Sun is the Human Body's worst enemy. Also, overuse of A tanning Bed. I can always tell the skin of a Sun Worshiper, or The worst is Tanning Beds,, you look good Tanned, Yes, I agree, however, soon you will see the Elasticity in your skin leave. We all know this, but when we are young, we don't stop and think of the future,, it's all about today. Not here to put down ant owner's of Tanning Salon's they for the most part will always do well. Just through what I have witnessed, do know that many people go to more than 1 Salon in a day. They want to achieve something that other's do not have. However, in the years to come, they do end up seeing what they have done to themselves. Not a Good Look,, At any rate,, thanks for yet another Great Video!! High 5,, BRO

Yo Lo says:

You can actually (temoporarily) get rid of crow's feet with Botox and dermal fillers

Listen Linda says:

I loved this!

J L says:

I am 27 and I have bad crows feet!
I don't smoke.
I don't sit in sun often.
You are beautiful.


Blue Skies says:

nononono to sunscreen= poison!!! nano bots restructure tissue, create ugly skin.

Sunita Arora says:

Me too of 40+ but im weird regarding my shagging cheeks …every precautions im taking…spf 50 retina A cream…even though no result

a+bb says:

Young Ken Jeong

Jacqui Goodflower says:

Eternal youth? Our Life is like a drop of water in the ocean…if you have Jesus you’ll have eternal life❤️

Bizarre Asmr says:

So far so good no crows feet 🙂

Fata El fiti says:

هل من ترجمة بالعربية ؟

Spear Carrier says:

For a while I was experimenting with using scar silicone around my eyes and thought I saw some improvement,. Either way I love your advice and have been taking serious notes.

Emine Emine says:

The best protecting of the sun is mix the tomatos and carrots half lemon cucumber with black pepper and than Cook it 15 minutes low fire and than drink it you have to eat for inside for protect the outside

Emine Emine says:

Suncremes are not good use oliveoil and sunglasses

KiTtY AdDiE says:

We appreciate your tips thank you handsome korean man hehe
Plz keep guiding us with wrinkles remedies and food intakes plz.. but cheaper ones cause everyone is not so rich!
Thank you

Emma Wanyaga says:

Is it for African too ?

Dariva Jewelry says:

How do you get rid of droopy eyelids with facial exercise? by the way , love your video's!!!

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