KIDS HAIRCUT | Bald Fade Styled Combover | Enhancements Used| by Dlucs_

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Kids Haircut tutorial that was a somewhat fail due to…. well, yall will see

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  1. But no hate keep up the good cuts bro I enjoy watching these cuts

  2. My barber charges 15 for a cut that looks better then this shit lmao u charging 40 dollars for a average ass cut LMAO

  3. I am sorry but… What the f**k is that? It looks painted on… And will look good for only 2 days mm haircuts should look good even when the hair grows a bit longer

  4. what a lotta people dont understand is as a barber, you have the right to prefer to only cut a certain demographic. and the $40 price is for the HAIRCUT, while the tips or for the SERVICE DURING THE CUT. dumb asses dont do their research. good shit dlucs

  5. I fired my clients lol! Keep that shit up we’ll see how many clients you’ll be left with.

  6. I charge 25$ for adults 10$ for kids

  7. You're a barber bro, if i come in for a cut and bring my shitty kid, u cutting both.

  8. That kids looking like the Honorable Chairman about halfway through this video.

  9. I always go to this spot here in Fremont Ca called three Kings and a female barber cut my hair and did amazing so I tipped her 20$ it really all depends on how good they do usually I’ll tip 5 max but she did a amazing beard line up and all so it was not expected .

  10. Man either y’all haven’t cut a cry babies hair or y’all just haters, I would’ve charged more than $40 for a kids cut (unless the kid isn’t a cryer) and an additional $5 for every movement , plus an additional $15 if there was waterworks!!

  11. Много болтавни

  12. Good point brother about kids prices. Gotta make a living and kids won't be there when they grow older

  13. I make 1500 on a bad week cutting. Talkin bout I'm tryna make some money lol

  14. It's an investment cutting kids hair, those could be potential customers for the next decade

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