Japanese Beauty Standards vs US Beauty Standards

I love seeing how other countries view beauty – let’s go over some comparisons between Japan and the US! This video is not meant to offend anyone – just observations!

*All video was shot in 4K, so be sure to set your YouTube settings to the best quality!


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Yoshi Girl says:

My mom hates me with mono eyelids and she says that I'm ugly. My eyes look so ugly and I hate everything about myself, but cool video. hi

Rachelism says:

It is not an eye fold, it is a tearbag ~

Kimkimi Aroch says:

are the same shit.

bigbadcow says:

so would ariana grande b very popular in japan? she seems to have a lot of the desirable qualities

The Annoying One says:

I 'm Asian and I meet the western beauty standards.. I also have tattoos which some find it hot. I am glad to leave Asia; regardless of the discrimination I faced. If I am still in Asia, I might be called fat and ugly all the time

Kitty Kitty says:

this women is very misinformed. the belief of white skin in the japanese culture came from the geisha beauty standard. which was created because men wanted their women as pale as the moon. that way they could find them in the dark. so women painted themselves to look as white as paper. the belief that white skin meant nobility, purity, and wealth came from european beauty standards which was during the victoria time. when european colonization started, they enforced those beauty standards onto places like africa and asia. and has since been spread across the world. asians the. changed it to the belief that ones who worked outside were those poor and so forth. it was simply just changed for their convience. this is why you have japanese women bleaching their skin. notice they bleach it not to look as pale as the moon, or as white as paper, but to have similar skin complexcion to white people. this is also why japanese people get surgery to have their nose, eyes and lips resemble white people as well. the new american beauty standard started in the 1950s. and it wasnt very popular until much later, however now in 2018, americans are becoming more broder with their beauty. thats what makes it so amazing. it is all based on preference. japanese beauty standards a mendate. these people are taught that they will be ugly if they dont bleach their skin, they believe they will be ugly if they dont get eyes as big as europeans, or noses as small and narrow as them. what makes it such a mendate is that they are convinced that is the only beauty. which is why when you are to see a beautiful white women, a beautiful asian who has kept her natural conplexcion, or beautiful black women, they will dissmiss it and disagree quickly. because those women wont look like the ones they see in the media. that is the differences between american beauty standards, and japanese beauty standards which is a mendate and is based on old European beauty standards. american bodies are now to have feminine stature. of boobs and a fit bottom, japanese standards are based off of the old white beauty standard to be tall and skinny. like vicotias secret models.
but i am not upset you got the information wrong. alot of times in japan they do not teach where their standards come from for the simple fact of pride. which is why many continue to use the excuse "white means rich and pure" without knowing where it actually came from.
other then that this was a good video. it was simply misinformed.
and alot of the styles america is "borrowing from japan" never was from japan to began with. they simply used those fashions, and instead of getting rid of it like amefican and europe theyve kept it for a long time. america is simply bringing certain fashions back.

Kitty Kitty says:

another thing i too noticed with the japanese beauty standard is that they try to look young like children. i cant understand how people don't find that sickening. they are litterally sexualizing children. its a playground for pedophiles when you have grown ass women dressing like they are 14-17

fantasia243645 says:

I like your cat. However, your video did not include Black American standards of beauty just Caucasian. The Japanese beauty standards was well explained though.

hot cocoa says:

The beauty standard in the us being light even if someone tans a little they will still be considered beautiful you completely avoided that

Ahri Park says:

I live in America but I want to stay as pale as possible because I look AWFUL tan. Lol. I got tan from swimming once and I looked soooo bad…..

SeaBunny says:

I am pale and proud.

BuiltTo BeInsane says:

That noise at 7:41 has me dead lol

Toki Warheart says:

I'm a white girl in California and tan skin isn't that desired. Zooey deschanel, amanda seyfried, emily browning and scarlett Johansson all are beauty idocs and have pale skin. Many Californian girl have followed in their foot steps and have embraced their natural pale skin.

Jay DR says:

I don't think they have the lower eyelid at all so that might be why they like the puffy under eye look

Jerry Yawning says:

white propaganda machine

You are ugly but says:

Me, a guy watching this ? Fcuk m goin

Jada Parks/Villanueva says:

I remember a time when white women would tease & make fun black woman about their big lips and butts.

Precious Uba says:

She forgot to mention that in Japan they paint there skin white lol 🙂

laday niles says:

the american culture was influenced a lot by black culture especially when it comes to having a curvey body

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