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Continuing our series on beauty, and the exploration, quite literally, into what makes a person beautiful, I delve into more Japanese concepts and beauty secrets in this video and talk to Makiko Wada, who was kind enough to sit with me at the American Club in Tokyo, Japan, and discuss some of her very unique products and the stories behind them.

Makiko promotes, among many other things, the very old Japanese concept of — brace yourselves — consuming placenta. It’s definitely a shocking thing to think about at first, but bear with me. Listening to her explaining the science behind it was fascinating. However, don’t worry, this isn’t the subject of this video, only one of the many things we talk about, including collagen, enzymes, the question of beauty, the relationship between body warmth and beauty in Japan, and how the Japanese prefer to consume green tea, and what kinds.
We also discussed how Makiko combined Japanese traditions with concepts from other cultures and how these old traditions have been incorporated into the Japanese health community, whether it’s Mongolian milk fermentation and powerful enzymes, or fermented Okinawan brown sugar, or ancient Chinese practices. I was fascinated to learn about it all and to have sampled some of these. What was also amazing about this, yet not entirely surprising having spent a lot of time in Japan over the years, was the fact that many Japanese convenience stores actually carry a wide variety of what we would consider “extreme” health foods… but that’s a video for another day. 🙂

Makiko has an interesting background. She has traveled the world and lived in many countries, and has a very profound understanding of other cultures and has brought much of her knowledge from other parts of the world back to Japan, (something I strongly related to, having spent most of my professional career traveling the world and bringing back and introducing new concepts to the U.S.). She created a very interesting fusion with traditional Japanese ideas. After the birth of her first child, she experienced many signs of premature aging, something many of us can understand and relate to, which she tried to correct and disguise cosmetically until one day, after her doctor prescribed her a placenta-based medicine to promote breast milk production, she began to notice changes in her skin and began to look and feel like herself again and this began her journey into studying the effects of placenta on the human body and how we can enhance our beauty from the inside out, which is the very essence of what we are doing and promoting in this series.

As you know if you’ve watched previous videos, this beauty series is part of our launch of OMI, my natural skincare product line. Other than being the last three letters of my name, OMI stands for Outside Meets Inside, which is something that is very important to me. The question of beauty as I’ve said before, is more than skin deep. I believe beauty is enhanced by many factors in our life and it must first be agreed upon that it is a state of mind and state of being, and upon that foundation we can then create the additional building blocks for beauty, which begin with being mindful of what we consume on the inside and careful of what we place on the outside surface. Each week we will be posting a video related to this concept and exploring how other cultures and individuals perceive beauty in this world.

Thank you as always for watching and please be sure to leave your comments below. We are heading toward creating a channel devoted exclusively to beauty and its many forms and how to embrace it and how to nurture it. I highly recommend subscribing to this channel if you haven’t already and in time we will update you but in the meantime, as mentioned, there is so much content and my endless curiosity will be leading me off the beaten path to discover and share more with this amazing community of people who want to better themselves.




Buddha Linkola says:

– Placenta drink
– Collagen (fish with skin, nose to tail pork with fat, organs, chicken)
– Green tea, matcha — cools down
– Tochu-cha Tea — Eucommia bark tea warms your body
– Warming/heat over cold
– Maricca digestive enzyme (tons of different fruits fermented for three years) with grape juice

kaylee vazquez says:

Thank you so much for sharing your resources with us. I've learned so much from all your work♡

amcuadra2 says:

Fascinating info!!
Where can I buy these products? I'm so interested on the enzymes!! Please advise. Thanks a lot!

PJ JP says:

The question is, where do they get the placenta?

Alex Green says:

Terrific video you have going here.

PeaceWillCome says:

Eating placenta is cannibalism. We are not animals. I have seen dogs eat poop. Does that mean its ok to eat our poop or someone else's? No way! Our body expels it for a reason. smh

cristina pamart says:

Where can you buy it please !!! Xx

Marlon Mcknight says:

Naomi bring the enzyme drink to the U.S.

Penélope Lavender says:

This video was amazing. Where can we order these products. Are you putting them on your website to buy? Thank you so much for your diligent search for us

Mick Nikolas says:

Just another*snake oil sales job*Naomi losing credibility promoting this.admittally,the Placanta wont hurt you.Collagen a large molecule doesnt help either.I ve tried 100 supplements in decades of biohacking,none do much of anything unless really really unhealthy from diet,lack of sun,etc

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