IT’S GYM TIME FOR YOUR FACE (Correct Wrinkles & Saggy Skin) – Dr Alan Mandell, DC

Here are some excellent facial exercises that will make you look many years younger. These exercises will increase circulation/nutrition, increase collagen, cleanse/detoxify your lymphatic system, and will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

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  1. Also look up mewing for those who don't know, it's about proper "tongue posture" and how it affects your face shape. I have before and after results on my channel

  2. Hi doc,is there any proven facial exercise that reduces eye bag? Pls do a video on that if you have any. Tq.

  3. Its obvious you must be practicing these face exercises because you look fresh and toned. Thanks!

  4. Dr you are fantastic, love you, God bless.

  5. God bless you…… Dr. Mandale

  6. I will try it. And I will tell you the result

  7. Thanks I Needed That !!!!!
    LOVE YOU !!!!

  8. What's with that weird model in the beginning.

  9. Hello Dr. Plzz make video for hollow under eye

  10. You said you don't know anyone who practices face exercises on a daily basis.  Well, nice to meet you, doc!  My name is Lisa, and I have been practicing these and other exercises for the face on a DAILY basis for 10 years now!  Even when I am sick, the face gets exercised. It has changed the way I look.  I thank God that I discovered these so many years ago.  I have no wrinkles lol.  Love them!!!

  11. I exercise my face about,4-5x a week or more. I am 72 and look years younger.

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