Instant Dreadlocks

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Please read this description for answers to questions you have.

Tools used.
1. Comb : for comb twisting.
2. Crothet 0.60mm : for crotcheting
3. latchet hook : for interlocking

Products used:
Moulding gel from Styling Dredz. For sectioning. Has nothing to do with hair locking, but gives good results in terms of collecting hair together..
Scalp oil cocktail. A blend of oils my wife mixes. You will have to contact her for the secret recipe. great fragrance, keeps the scalp hydrated and moisturized for long.

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  1. Brick layering

  2. This is probably what smokepurpp did

  3. 2019…wish you do mine.

  4. Oh man this is way too complicated for me…

  5. You a genius man

  6. Kris, can you take daily showers without covering your instant locs? Will it come undone after a while? The thought of not washing my hair daily is a draw back. Please shed light on this when you get the chance.


  7. I need you here NOW…. Help!

  8. After this process is done, can I dye my hair or will dyeing cause it to somewhat unlock at the shaft of the loc? Or should I just dye before doing this process? Also, you are a great teacher with this, I'm happy I ran across your videos, you're very informative, thank you.

  9. Where are u located?

  10. I am so jelous rn

  11. The best i v seen, simple and easy


  13. Where did u get that comb? What is it called?

  14. Why would anyone dislike this video?

  15. Does he come to Ontario?

  16. Please how many locs are these?

  17. Ill fly to see this man and give him $1000 to do my hair

  18. Where u live
    I wanna do my hair like that

  19. Can one unlock this

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