Instant Dreadlocks

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Please read this description for answers to questions you have.

Tools used.
1. Comb : for comb twisting.
2. Crothet 0.60mm : for crotcheting
3. latchet hook : for interlocking

Products used:
Moulding gel from Styling Dredz. For sectioning. Has nothing to do with hair locking, but gives good results in terms of collecting hair together..
Scalp oil cocktail. A blend of oils my wife mixes. You will have to contact her for the secret recipe. great fragrance, keeps the scalp hydrated and moisturized for long.



Carmen M Edwards says:

Brick layering

ImPrecise says:

This is probably what smokepurpp did

jess c2415 says:

2019…wish you do mine.

Tim Krebs says:

Oh man this is way too complicated for me…

the doctor says:

You a genius man

Wheneagles Fly says:

Kris, can you take daily showers without covering your instant locs? Will it come undone after a while? The thought of not washing my hair daily is a draw back. Please shed light on this when you get the chance.


The Original Free T.O.F. says:

I need you here NOW…. Help!

Funsize Tiffany says:

After this process is done, can I dye my hair or will dyeing cause it to somewhat unlock at the shaft of the loc? Or should I just dye before doing this process? Also, you are a great teacher with this, I'm happy I ran across your videos, you're very informative, thank you.

Onica Cupidore says:

Where are u located?

cece cookiezZ says:

I am so jelous rn

Becky Okoro says:

The best i v seen, simple and easy

Absolutely Jamaican says:


Inner Goddess says:

Where did u get that comb? What is it called?

Chanay Kellam says:

Why would anyone dislike this video?

Kami Densetsu says:

Does he come to Ontario?

E Mystik says:

Please how many locs are these?

ZD Lord says:

Ill fly to see this man and give him $1000 to do my hair

Mickie Mickie says:

Where u live
I wanna do my hair like that

Adetutu Dosunmu says:

Can one unlock this

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