!! INSANE TRANSFORMATION_Curly Hair Chop_by Dlucs

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Magnetic Hug says:

he is beautiful

Roepnaam Yoyk says:

whatt aa cuuttt

chump1971 says:

This is the black Archie…

B Pru says:

Blake Griffin

Asight2see says:

He went to my high school lol

Victor Rangel says:

Do you have a license? If so how did you get it?

William Handy says:

Got rid of those braids

gabriel ruiz says:

nice … easy 4 him … handsome fellow.

Lars Mudde says:

ay so im from the Netherlands and since our prices are different im wondering how much this cut would cost

Kampf KartoffelTM says:

Damn Imagine being Black AND a Redhead…just kidding xD

Tristan Dominic says:

he needs some chapstickkk

Linnea says:

wooow he is beautiful.

Cheryl C says:

client serving allllll kinds of face
should look into modeling
v nice cut

Elias Salazar says:

This dude looks gone lol.

Nick Lekatis says:

The top is a #3 guard?

kevin nguyen says:

Is that Blake griffin?

Chanty Smith says:

He looks like Blake Griffin

The Great Heisenberg says:

That's a pure breed ginger

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