How To Style Mens Modern Faded Hairstyle| What products are you missing

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NoLimitCutz says:

@nolimitcutz im missing that product and a foil shaver

Gexel Rivas says:

I’m missing the andis masters and the Wahl detailers

Adrian Cuevas says:

@flomgnag – I am missing the andis double magnetic guards for my oster and andis clippers:/ I'm also missing your products!! I need them for styling hair! I also need trimmers!

GroovyB says:


I’m definitely missing a good styling product and a good pair of shears

George Pettus says:


I’m geeking bro , I’m missing that stylingpowder , it controls and lays down thick stubborn hair and also a set of tension shears

Jeremiah Medina says:

@icyanttv the product i am missing is a diffuser-Jerrycutzz

Rafael Ortega Jr says:

My IG name @mexi_rican_vet_blood

I'm definitely missing a good styling product like this and some cordless clippers.

This is a game changer though for those clients that style there hair like this! I always wondered the same thing how the heck do they get there hair to have that look or form that way.

Lorenzo Toilolo says:


Missing good products to help style the hair & better equipment

KevMighty says:

IG: MightyTheBarber. Definitely missing that attachment on my blow dryer.

Darshan Patel says:

IG @_darshan_patel_
Def missing the sea salt spray and andis masters

Sergio300 Zx says:

Ig: sergio.g77 , Id appreciate an electric shaver, I’m a 14 year old barber trying to get better. Thank you

Luís Borges says:

birds nest on point

Seth Olivarez says:

To lit with your new product!! Congrats!

Daniel Cabrera says:

Quality Videos. much love!!!

Brandin Vasquez says:

What gel do you recommend I like it firm hold?

PLEASEsses says:

Can you post a full of video on stubble and beards please? How to take care of it? What to do to keep it maintained, tips on lining it up, recommended oil, shampoo and conditioning??? Please

Mundo says:

want to start up my own barber store but I have to start somewhere. I have a couple clippers and trimmers now. Brand new. If you’re not 100% satisfied you can return and you’ll get your money back

Daniel Almodovar says:

Is dlucs_ middle eastern??

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