How to Straighten Your Hair with a Hair Straightener / Flat Iron

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This video features Michelle who is going to take us step by step and show us how to straighten our hair for the best results. This video is great for those who are new to using a flat iron or for those who may be having a difficult time getting the results they desire. The tips in this video will cover everything from start to finish so that you too can have the smooth, straight locks you want!
As mentioned in this video, protecting your hair from heat damage is the first and most important step in straightening your hair. The right heat protectant not only protects your hair from heat damage but can assist in achieving smoother, straighter hair that lasts all day. Of course, the flat iron you use also plays a huge part in achieving the best results. Because some hair types are a little more stubborn and hard to get and keep straight, temperature is key. Being able to select your desired temperature is a must. Features such as ceramic and tourmaline will provide healthier styling while giving shiny, frizz free results.

Featured in this video is the Karmin Salon Pro Styling Iron. This flat iron is great for all hair types with adjustable temperature setting and 100% pure tourmaline ceramic plates. Negative ions and infrared heat repel frizz and humidity while adding shine and leaving hair incredibly smooth. Anti-slip design and curved edge plates allow you to not only straighten hair but wave, curl and add body as well.



xXBaileyPlaysXx Plays Roblox says:

My hair is so thin and small it takes me 5 minutes to completely straighten my hair but when I wake up my hair looks like a not taken care of Afro!

onemillion subscriberswithoutvideos says:

tysm you helped me loads i love my hair straight and i can now straighten it withouth the risk of it burning bc i kn ow what i am doing thanks to you !

CNV Hair says:

Thank you, I will use my new CNV hair straightener to sstraighten my hair

Mysterious Fox says:

My hairs takes about 2 hours to straighten…….

Funky Crafts says:

How long will it be straight…pls say fast

Shinjie Ancheta says:

looks so easy , thank you

Michelle Allicock says:

She Makes It Looks So Easy And I'm A Kid And I'm Only 11 Year Old Girl

Chamuna Tanakodee says:

must use hair protection spray ahh.. madam… what for

FrostyStorm says:

Straight hair girls: I want curly!
Curly hair: burn it with a straightener!

Guys: I don’t want to go bald..!

Samantha Castillo says:

IS ANYBODY HERE BEFORE THE DAY OF School?? Because I'm having a Christmas show at my school! And I want to look hella extra!!❤️

Glitter Cupcake says:

Thick,wavy,long hair wya?

Jaide Andaya says:

I did my hair it’s straight but sooo puffy!!! UGH MY MOM DOES IT BOOM PERFECTION WTH

P Samuel says:

Thanks for this tips

Anju Anju says:

What brand is ths straightning machine??

Bibbo482610 Rayne says:

I didn't know that was thick or curly!!!! it is a little wavy, but useful anyway.

Bella and Michael Awesomeness says:

This is my first time straightening my hair and this was so helpful. Merry Christmas everyone
Edit I know this video is old but it is still helpful

Dragon Swirl says:

thank you sooo much this helped me so much!

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