How to straighten your hair perfectly with a cloth iron| Must Watch| Works 100%

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  1. idiot fellows who commented nonsense
    both iron and straightener damages hair don't only say that this procedure would damage hair

  2. Dont do thise ..bcoz aftet damage ur hair100%

  3. podi ethokke athyme nammal chyiyyarund

  4. Its very dengres

  5. How many days it remain straight?

  6. Sharmistha Biswas will it be okay if we use coconut oil instead of serum?? Plzz respond

  7. Ban this video..what nonsense is she showing..She is a kid ..try with candies ..chocolates..or any toys..she is playing with a electricity​..

  8. Pathu mudi karijidumi pathu

  9. Aarevu koluthu

  10. Aarevu koluthu

  11. this video too much risk.donot do this

  12. This is safe ?

  13. is she crazy ?

  14. I don't want to damage my hair

  15. Stupid idea

  16. If you have any questions to ask me or even know facts about me then comment down your questions because I am going to make Q/A type or Get to know me type video very soon.

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