How to Start a Health and Fitness Blog (7 Mistakes to Avoid)

How to Start a Health and Fitness Blog (7 Mistakes to Avoid)

Get the full scoop of how to start a health and fitness blog and the 7 mistakes you must avoid on the blog (link above).



BOTLN CarpFishing says:

155k subscribers. 1.8k views…. needs to apply his theories to himself

thai info life says:

отичное видео

Sikder Diamond says:

I just started blogging, can u please see it and give me some suggestions ? my blog link is

Pre7tySimpleTV says:

Found this video super useful! Don't know how it only has 6k views?? Thanks a bunch Yuri.

Riddell Fitness says:

great video Yuri! very good insight.

LifeGains 420 says:

sorry but you don't look really buff? isn't number 1 be buff lol

Colt Milton says:

Sounds like all of this is right out of the book how to Win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. Fantastic video

Recto Baddal says:

Best way to a lean belly… ->

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L R says:

Great video. Honest and on point.

Fitness -X says:

check out the simple way to be shredded…

Sun Tzu II says:

I found Yuri's advice to be right on the money. Many years ago (1999 to be exact), I created my first website, and all I did was focus almost exclusively on the technical side of things. And of course what happened? The business tanked and never got off the ground. Do yourself a favor and take his advice, especially #1 to heart. Set up your blog so that all you have to do is come up with interesting content, publish it to your website and that is it. And if you run into some technical issue that you can't resolve on your own really quick, then call 'tech support' and they'll handle it for you. That's what they are there for. Concentrate on creating compelling content, and help people solve a problem and you are on your way to a successful blog.

Sharad Chhakara says:

why to hire someone else to design my webpage ? wordpress is really simple and one can do it them self . I have done it within hours easily being a non tech guy

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