How to Restore Digestive Wellness: Why Poor Digestive Health Happens

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Connie Hsieh says:

Thanks for the great video, really informative and easy to understand.

321ozzy says:

Thank you so much for this treasure of information.

I have only watched number 1 so far, but am eager to go to the next video.

Best regards from Mexico

Arty Sagastizado says:

Can Digestive health be the cause of chronic halitosis? I'm in a desperate search for a cure

riccia888 says:

probiotics help me preventing my hemorrhoids from prolapse

YuYu Amie says:

I have severe acid reflux and gastritis and possibly IBSD. But no amount of medicines can cure me, nothing helps, Im terrified of food. Every meal is Russian Roulette. I eat relatively healthy, I've all but cut out acidic and fried foods. I'll have them like once in a blue moon. Slight improvements but my situation still isnt livable. 🙁

Soul Reno says:

Youtube has ads for prescription latex's at the start of this video. just fyi prob doesn't go with your message

Brave Bird7 says:

I used to have very bad acid reflux. after I stopped eating fast food and junk food then no more heart burn. take baking soda w/water. 1tsp mixed with 20 oz water.

Boxing Empire says:

You smack more than my dad when eating churches chicken

Diana hullinger says:

please i have a problem, for about 6 months now and i want an answer..whenever i eat food or drink water i could vomit all out myself with just a little effort until its 4 hours later ,i have been to several hospitals done several tests but shows nothing uptill now am still encountering the same problem i want to know whats wrong with me ..thanks

James Gibson says:

frankenfood, I wonder if he means GMO food lol cause lets be honest, we didn't have as many gastro problems till we started eating chemicals that are all found in agent orange.

The Royality says:

hiii dear……your video is very informational……….thumbs up for video………but why dont have you completed it??? i.e you hv not fix the problem by telling traditional foods.

Tammy Kirby says:

this guy smacks his mouth after every sentence, sounds like hes eating,

ricardo ricky says:

Simple but good info. Please change "nauseous" to "nauseated". Nauseous means you make others sick.

Cheyenne says:

stop smacking your lips please.

Stanimir Voinov says:

There are a few things for treating bad digestion at home
try a high-fiber diet
eat insoluble and soluble fiber
Cut down foods that are high in fat
Try adding probiotics into your diet
Eat meals on schedule ie the same time each day
Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
Skip habits such as smoking and drinking excessive caffeine and alcohol.
Exercise regularly to help keep food moving through the digestive system,
Limit Too much stress or anxiety can cause the digestive system to go wrong.
(I learned these and why they work on Marita Bio Pro site )

Kody Anderson says:

hahahaha mw and my buddy are taking shots every time his lips smack . hahahahaha

Erick Moreno says:

hey sir have u ever heard of cyclical vomiting syndrome?? what do I do to correct my condition? I wake up nauseated and throw up daily. I have to medicate with opiates to stop my stomach from hurting and all nausea and symptoms of the CVS syndrome go away. no doctors can tell me anything. can u please give me anything any ideas or solutions?? also thank you for teaching this. we really aren't taught anything about being healthy in life and what food to eat. thank you

Erick Moreno says:

also I have bile in my poop and when I puke it's green and I feel green I poop green what's that? bile? only during a episode or attack. when it's not happening I'm fine and am normal. however it occurs when I use bathroom #2 and upon waking up from sleep. any ideas? I've been living with this for 4 years I also am going to methadone clinic because it's liquid and costs my stomach and helps CVS syndrome from occyring

Devesh Varma says:

Such a great video. Thank you so much!

Md Nasir says:

Doctor After eating I feel my left upper back heavy. please answer.

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