How to Relieve Stress on Overwhelming Days || Health Hacks

Sometimes life can get overwhelming! Here’s How to Relieve Stress on Overwhelming Days.

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Deo Nandkumar says:

Very informative video thanks for posting

ArtAmelia says:

This video couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. I thank you with all my heart! Have a lovely day


Thanks i set my alarm for the 5 minutes break i joined but i also must express im 40 well my bday this month ill be 41 i babysit for a living if you say so if you can help me out and oh cant miss this one i am super over weight always fall back in to oattern i was eating good and here i go again messing up (plz help)

Abi Ang says:

i love how adorkable you are ! you're amazing !

Jason Bean says:

Hey, cousin! My main thing at present, as previously stated, is hiking. But clearly, that's hard to do in the dark!
Our local college radio station, WUSF 89.7, available online as, has overnight jazz programming. It's awesome! and so relaxing. From 9pm to 5am, our other 9 to 5,:). It's commercial free. The only interruptions are verbal notations from the programmer and hourly news updates from NPR. Every once in a while they miss the mark, but mostly it's soothing. Give it a try!:)

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