How To Put Eyelashes On Curly Lashes | Lash Extension Tips

Learn how to apply eyelash extensions on curly lashes.

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in this video you will learn from sassy lashes, how to apply lashes on super curly eyelashes because when applying extensions to curly lashes it can be difficult. How to apply eyelash extensions on curly lashes helps with retention. Learn how to put eyelash extensions on curly lashes with these lash application tips.



Keshia Kreations says:

This video was very helpful and thank you for sharing

Krystal Murray says:

Well I have a few clients with unruly lashes and those are the ones that are always wearing strips and the lashes are all over the place any advice

Taylor Yasmine says:

I love these videos they’re so helpful please make more they’re amazing❤️

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