How To Perfect Bald Fade Blend w/ Beard

These are the methods i use during my haircuts daily, FULL beard tutorial coming soon, Leave a comment if any questions!

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umer ali says:

Dlucs_ bruh! You're a magician with the clippers! Wish you were here in Toronto!

Michael G says:

Do you ever nick people in the head with the fade masters? I use them very carefully but sometimes the blade will stab into their heads but no cut or blood shows just a small poke

SamiTheBarber says:

Amazing cut

wilfredo Reyes says:

One if the few to use the andis masters like they suppose to especially wig the fade blade

Jay says:

Do you recommend the pro alloys? You’re like the first barber on YouTube I seen use them

T Dawg says:

The ISIS look lol

LiftOrGTFO says:

Can you teach my barber how to fade?

dlucs_ says:

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