How To Perfect Bald Fade Blend w/ Beard

These are the methods i use during my haircuts daily, FULL beard tutorial coming soon, Leave a comment if any questions!

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  1. Dlucs_ bruh! You're a magician with the clippers! Wish you were here in Toronto!

  2. Do you ever nick people in the head with the fade masters? I use them very carefully but sometimes the blade will stab into their heads but no cut or blood shows just a small poke

  3. Amazing cut

  4. One if the few to use the andis masters like they suppose to especially wig the fade blade

  5. Do you recommend the pro alloys? You’re like the first barber on YouTube I seen use them

  6. The ISIS look lol

  7. Can you teach my barber how to fade?

  8. Make Sure To Follow My IG For Daily Content @dlucs_

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