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Hey, guys! Just in time for the winter and flu season I’m sharing with you a list of health hacks on how to NOT get sick. All of these simple hacks are based on science and have been proven to be effective. Following these tips does not GUARANTEE that you won’t get sick but it certainly will tilt the odds in your favor. Hope you enjoy and give it a like. Stay Healthy and Happy 🙂 Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

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  1. I sleep sooo much, I don't drink alcohol often, my nickname is Honey, I drink more than ever. Soooo I should be good 😉

  2. How often is catching a flu or cold considered normal?

  3. I’m so sick I have a cold and a really high fever and a soar throat and I feel nauseous a headache and I keep sneezing

  4. So, does that I'm good since I get 10 to 12 hours of sleep every day, or is that too much sleep? I'm definitely safe on the alcohol thing because I never drink any, and I'm 26. I don't do drugs or smoke either, so I'm safe there as well. However, no matter how much I take care of my body, I still get sick a lot. Why is that you ask? It's because I have a rare form of tachycardia that causes me to have low blood pressure. Sometimes my heart rate is fast at rest, other times it's slow at rest. There are even times when my pulse is slow when I'm working out, but I feel like I'm going to pass out even if I loaded up on carbohydrates prior to a workout session.

  5. How To Get Rid of STRESS?

  6. I did not agree with some of his tips. Do not take him seriously.

  7. Hi doctor Mike so I have recently have had very bad headaches. I get dizzy, fatigued and the headache worsen when it’s bright outside which is constantly since I live in Florida. I also where glasses and contacts. What do you recommend I do? I take Excedrin migraine when I get them but they sometimes don’t help.

  8. exCUSE ME!? What a dream boat!

  9. I wish that I seen this video before I got sick.

  10. bulshit,RNK viruses,like flu,cannot be presented.They are oldest living things on earth,and ours imune sistem cannot recoignize them.Eath honey,use sex,flu will get you in 98% of the times if you get contact with the virus.Evrything is how much of virus particle you will be able to get from host

  11. Doctor mike, your video makes me laugh. Thank you for the tip

  12. This video makes me laugh and make my day. Good to know that having sex can reduce sickness

  13. Lol no wonder I'm sick all the time. I do the opposite of all these things. (well I don't drink alcohol or take vitamin supplements but pfft just ignore that)

  14. I have never had a flu shot… and never have gotten the flu.

  15. Dr. Mike, Have you done any videos about chronic pain and chronic illness? I have Fibromyalgia, CFS, Arthritis, DDD, and Drs checking me for MS and Crohn's. Some of the symptoms you've listed before about flu symptoms…We feel on a daily basis. Getting the flu only exacerbates the problem. I may look somewhat healthy on the outside but if you could see what I feel, it wouldn't look so good. As a Doctor, I want to hear your opinions on chronic pain.

  16. I haven't gotten sick in years unless you count stomach bugs.

    But I've been fine also I can day I don't wash my hair everyday I wash it about once a week my hair feels softer and healthier.

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