How to make a Beauty guru intro 🤩

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  1. Can you make me one

  2. Smart as fark

  3. What did u type in for the intro person

  4. girl you help me with it thank you

  5. Shower cap .-.

  6. Love this! Thanks!

  7. Girl hit me up . I’d be willing to pay anyone who could do this

  8. Your sooo smart and beautiful I wish u can do an intro for me :/

  9. Do you have any social media so I can contact you

  10. from here 0:12 to here 0:28 is really cringey

  11. ☺️❤️❤️thank you

  12. What shade is the pink x?

  13. How do u make the beauty guru icon tho?

  14. Thx for the tip

  15. This is the first video I watched of hers and I just died when she started singing Kayy Edits

  16. You are so so so so beutiful

  17. msss kayyyy Im a fan of yours can you do me a favor please

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