How To Look Younger – One Weird Trick // Do Your Lips Make You Look Older?

We can spend tons of money on expensive cosmetics and skin care treatments but without understanding of the processes that occur on and under our skin over time our face could still give out our age. In this video I am sharing with you one weird factor that can make you look younger or older depending on what make up you are wearing and how you take care of your skin in that area.

In the video I’m using Lip Stain 1000 Kisses By Rimmel in shades:
– Nothing But Nude
– Carry On Cherry
– Stay Very Berry

I’m using music from Free Production Music by Jason Shaw website:

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Karen Denning says:

It’s really interesting because I’ve recently been studying face reading which is the science of the link between facial features and personality traits, and having a small fulcrum (the space between the lips and nose) typically means you care more about how you look than what you do and a large one means the opposite. So it’s interesting that as we grow older we tend to care more about what we do than how we look!

Susanna Löfberg says:

Hey Olga, and thanks so much for this so ovious point, which I havent noticed before, so Im shame about me, LOL :D.
I really hope you share to us some knowledge, whichdoesnt come from some kind of "being make-up artist" ect, cause they might be sometimes littlebit above us..
You are intelligent and your mind works from eyesight to brain, so whats the matter with it..
Hope you more SEEING :)))

Chris Toscano says:

All those people have had face lifts… Yes your tricking people alright…

Lee Devitt says:

Im gonna get my top lip plumped up…..

0hpalpitations says:

Yes, people's philtrums (space between nose and mouth) naturally get longer as they age, but Kim Kardashian's got longer because of her nose job-she made her nose too short!! I, however, I am one of those unlucky people who just have a naturally longer than average philtrum for a woman :/ I don't think I look older than my age, but I do think I don't look as pretty/feminine as I could look if the space were shorter (i'm not ugly, but i could be slightly better) 🙁 It makes me very sad.

B T says:

this is simply BS and so funny. are you going around with a measuring tape or stare at people's nose-lips area obsessing about their age? this must be some very old myth that came down from the 14th century. Please just find some other important topic to share with others….

I am Me says:

You are beautiful

Cool Future says:

I cannot stop looking at your lips when u talking!

Devashri Mukherji says:

But you already look so young and beautiful! You‘ve got prettiest of faces! How I wish I looked like you!

Courtney Kruse says:

Never thought about the lip measurement giving up someone's age, very interesting! Thank you for the tips, you are amazing! 🙂

Nithya Kalyaniòpĺĺp says:

Plz give me some remedy to get beautiful chin like you mam plz plz

Ret2090 says:

Why keep smacking your lips? Why? Why?

Shrikant Upadhye says:

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Debra Hammond says:

This is all good info but it means nothing to someone who has structural imbalances and can actually have adverse affects. please folks, see someone certified in orofacial myofunctional therapies. Thank you. (and yes, I'm a certified OM).

Priyanka Robert says:

I totally agree with you

elmundoenvans Blogger says:

Hi Olga, do you have the link for the lipstick? I would love to try them out

다미최 says:

just get a lip lift

Babita Bhatt says:

Awww my dream girl

Ann D says:

very nice.thanks.

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