How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup | Model Hacks and Tips

With all the endless products offered to us sometimes we get so dependent on them! As much as I love makeup I think it’s extremely important to also get comfortable with your self and your natural filter free beauty.
So excited to share my tips and hacks ive learned through the years from modelling and from trail and error that taught me how to always feel beautiful!



Lemon squeezer:

Coconut Oil:

Burts Bees cleanser:

Juice Beauty gel cleanser:

Farmacy exfoliator:

Tata Harper eye cream:

Tata Harper moisturizer:

Burts Bees lip balm:

Vitamix blender:

Rose Water:



Eliana. trustan says:

Wow she made the format of the vedio really nice

Beautifulmermaid says:

It’s hard to feel pretty without makeup when your acne prone the struggle

Anastasiya says:

What brand of essential oils do you use?

C Berry says:

Too much excercise to squeeze half a lemon XD. Girl, i feel u!

nah says:

The one beauty guru on Instagram I’m not irritated by, natural personality, genuine comments about products. Thank you for not being “quirky” or “relatable”

Charity Storm Lennox says:

Great video! Love your unique tips. And also you are so cute & funny. 🙂

D Harris says:

Burts bees tests on animals 🙁 they are owned by a major corporation and do horrid things to ppuppys rabbits and mice 🙁 BOYCOTT BURTS BEES

Sabrina Ait Tahar says:

Where did u get that green top from ._. i want it so bad

Александра Степаненко says:

За ЗОЖ на нож

Jackie Carlos says:


svajune bytautaite says:

easy for u to say…

TheLight IsComingBack says:

How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup: Be Yourself

raiza rai says:

You’re aura is permeating through my skin. I already feel beautiful. Thank you doll ♥️

kaelopsia says:

9:19 I love this part. I love her

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