How To Juice Your Way to Health! | It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth | Cherie Calbom

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This week on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, Cherie Calbom shares how to eat the good and delicious food God has provided for us so we can become the “Healthiest People On Earth!”



American Girl says:

What a sad story about getting beaten by a robber. What a beautiful story of healing.  I started juicing a couple of months ago after watching the movie "Food Matters."  It really is amazing how it makes you feel.

LJ L says:

Amazing story and recovery from such a tragic event.  As emphasized by both Cherie and Sid, the first step, even before beginning a juicing program, is to detoxify.  Although juicing certainly helps do this there's an even better way..
Here's a natural  product that safely, effectively (and easily),  removes Radiation (Fukushima, Medical/Dental/Airport X-Rays, CAT Scans), DU (Vets), Heavy Metals + Aluminum, Barium, Strontium (Chemtrails), Pesticides, Herbicides (GMOs), Plastics, Allergens & other toxins without side effects or burdening the kidneys or liver.  This is the real deal, the stuff that works. (Used after Chernobyl and currently at Fukushima to absorb radiation and toxins)

PS  If you're going to juice, always try to use organic fruits and vegetables.  Otherwise you'll be getting a concentrated dose of pesticides and herbicides in your juice and will be defeating your purpose.

Linda Kostin says:

He's so sweet! So down to earth! 

Charlotte Hawkins says:

I wonder if juicing will cute my severe allergies? I am worn down by it. That and pain throughout my body I suffer from.

Sonya Cueva says:

Is meat ok??

Sonya Cueva says:

Is meat ok??

carolynan says:

So why not go along to  a market buy your own fruit and then blend it yourself, who needs a kit. and then  you can pray to  your god or idol or whatever you believe in .you could even pray whilst you make it.

Theodore Cook says:

 for great health..God…

Economic Leadership Enterprisers Club Inc. says:

I am going to make me a juice in the next 30mins!!!

Angela Coleman says:

I was surprised to see her use the Jack Lalamme juicer which is not well rated!!!

Veronica Luzuriaga says:

Thanks for this video!  I have lost 10 pounds in 15 days, and I feel great!  and the shakes are delicious!

Ana FERREIRA says:

Hi, Juice Lady!
My iron is too low can't you help me.

Psychadelicatz says:

Lmfao the intro.


Amen. I was healthy until I went back to church. Then my health went down. Then God spoke to me & said "I WILL HEAL YOU IF YOU CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS. So I asked God what He meant.. I realized I used to juice , eat organi . So I started back to that with one exception I went gluten free (not by choice @ first ).. I now sleep through the night. Feel better. It is sad to see believers SO NAIVE in this. I hear it's OK. I ask them if they would driink a shot glass of gasoline. I get a weird look. Then I tell them the same chemicals in strawberry ice cream is in gasoline !


Greed = money = pharmaceutical .


10 oz carrots , 8 oz celery & turmeric I use for arthritis

I love Jesus says:

The lord woke me from a dream with the word chromium. I looked it up and disregarded it as I read it was a metal. A few months later as The Lord was guiding me to the truth about illnesses and diet and told me about adrenal fatigue, I was led to a supplement for this and learned it had the mineral chromium in it, I didn't realise we need this in our bodies! Glory to God. I'm deficient in this and many others. Gods led me to research all about what our bodies need and the truth behind supermarkets and their chemical food factories. Julie Gods telling me to do what he told you to do in gaining qualifications in nutrition to help others. Thank you Jesus. God bless.

Miracles Happen says:

I'm going to put a link to this on my website because that's exactly how I'm healing myself and there are a lot of skeptics out there always wanting the scientific proof. Cherie Calbom is a nutritionist so that's the proof we need. However, my only sadness is that Sid treats Christianity as an elite and by so doing he seems to forget all the others. God has no religion, my brothers and sisters are Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and even atheists so please if you really want to help humanity try to see the bigger picture and avoid creating competition in religions.

Will Whitfield says:

Using distilled water also helps, ASK JESUS TO BLESS ALL YOUR FOOD AND JUICE.

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