How to Have a Happy and Healthy 2018 | Health Tips

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This year is all about self improvement and my well being so I decided to share with you my tips to have a healthy and happy 2018!
This video is sponsored by Lifesum- An health and wellness app I HIGHLY recommend to those of you who are interested to have more control and knowledge about nutrition and balancing your own diet.




Asma Al Qahtani says:

dear Valeria can you please please upload how to build your self-esteem video?

SisiYemmieTV says:

Happy New Year Valeria!

Ava Coops06 says:

My new years resolutions…
Drink more water, floss, wake up earlier, eat healthier (less carbs) and make my bed every morning.

sakshi 11 says:

So nice… I grabbed something about you that you r beautiful hearted person as you look…. ❤


I love your thought and emotions…

Diana Calderon says:

Why do you take fish oil ?

Wanderflies says:

Ugh I I know that gym feeling too!

5ela says:

May i ask you..did you aways wanted a family so young? Do you come from a big family with many siblings? How did your wish for having a family at this age affect your career? Don´t want to sound intrusive or that i think having a family at 26 is super soon- I come from a slavic culture, having kids younger is completely normal. I´ve been watching your `realistic morning routine´ and i thought it was so beautiful. I always planned to not have kids myself, never felt like i want that more than my career and that ´freedom´ to do what i want without this scary responsibility of being a parent. I know you of course can have both – career and family – although it´s hard, but i never thought i´d want this. Would really like to know your view on that topic – being a modern mom – and how do you with all those mom,wife,daughter,sister,friend standards and expectations make sure you don´t lose yourself. Love from a Slovenian, living in Austria ❤

Milou - says:

I'm not saying everyone is the same, but I used the Lifesum app for over a year and I started to become really obsessed with counting calories. I don't see food, I see numbers. I had to deleted the app. Please watch out. It can be really helpful, but do not get obsessed!

Jordan Storz says:

I used to hate exercise. Honestly. It was the bane of my existence. I wound up finding a better reason to workout – I was in a play and the part I was cast as was really physical, and I wanted to be able to pull it off. Now I genuinely enjoy it.
For diet, I never ate well. I ate whatever, whenever, very few veggies or fruit and lots of junk food. Learning to eat well and to love foods that just happen to be healthy, that was a slow process. Now I'm vegan – didn't see that one coming either. If you're reading this, you can do this. Take care of yourself (and of your 70-year-old self!), and God bless <3

Sarah Gaspard says:

hello, anyone knows what's the music background? I LOVE IT
Thank you so much Valeria for this video ♥

Mariah Armstrong says:

I never watched / liked blogs until I accidentally saw one of yours & I loooooove watching you. You inspire me Soo much and you have such a deep heart and soul ! I love you girl keep doing what you're doing , the world needs more souls like you !❤️

Valeria Lipovetsky says:

You can download the Lifesum app here:

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