How To: Hair Do’s and Don’ts

How To: Hair Do’s and Don’ts (Click Link Below)

Three Do’s Three Don’ts in my opinion of what to do to help hair growth. LOL I meant “do” instead of don’t on the very last one. But Yes! my channel is not only about my hair as you will see in the next video. To know first what my video is going to be about please subscribe. Again comment what you think, what you would like to know and also like and share PLEASE. Thanks again for watching.

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  1. What's your workout routine

  2. Hey bro I sweat quite a bit from gym and sports. You said, "Don't wash your hair everyday". Can I still run water through my hair and scalp? I'm assuming you meant wash as in wash with shampoo/conditioner. Coz I only wash my hair every three days but run water through my hair/scalp every shower take.

  3. 10 years of growth.

  4. your bed head looks better than my going out hair

  5. I want to know what u use in your hair me and u have the same hair type but I can't find nothing to keep it from being dry and it not very long

  6. Yo g hit me up one day

  7. Yo g hit me up one day

  8. Damn I’ve always disliked having curly hair cause like I didn’t like the length and it was never how I wanted it but now seeing your hair and other people hair I love my curls.

  9. If there's anyone imma take hair advice from… Its this guy, jesus fuck

  10. Damn!
    Guys with long hair are so hoooottt!
    You are so handsome!

  11. I like every video and I am subscribed and my post notifications are turned on cause I love him and what he dose keep doing what you do Gio from
    R-gissy unicorn

  12. Very informative and insightful.

  13. Look like a baby

  14. 03299895923

  15. Neat video bro

  16. Gio Im your biggest fan can u add me on facebook Harjit lee jr.   Instgram KD_keepitreal

  17. how the heck you still looked good asf 4 years ago

  18. If you trim your hair often you will not be able to see growth you said in your other video that you only trim your hair once a year

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