How To: Get Eyebrows Fleeky W/ Straight Razor

This Is My Weekly Eyebrow Routine **I KNOW I AINT SUPPOSED TO SHAVE EM AND THAT THEY WOULD LAST LONGER WITH WAXING BUT OH WELL** Do Yall Wanna See A Skin Routine I Do? (even though my face was breaking out in this video)

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. says:

I don't do my brows but enjoyed this vid, keep it up g

Bob Darbo says:

Are you Armenian?

EscapePlan Skateboarding says:

hey bro, I like the videos, I subscribed! I'm going for a cut today and was wondering what your hair style is called?

Cherchezlatrish says:

You’re so sexy!!!

Steve Jayvion JARED Leslie and Afsheen! says:

Never trust a dude with perfect eyebrows.

Oodama Chisengan says:

Good video. One question how do you get your blade to stick out some much from the razor? Mine doesn't come out like that.

LiftOrGTFO says:

I'd get roasted by my friends if I ever did this shit.

Joao Valdez says:

Chonga eyebrows

Jay Hari says:

That straight razor looks dope, i like how much of the blade shows. I have one from the barber shop I go to and it cost me $20….and only a tiny sliver of the blade shows, is that more common with "cheaper" straight edges. Or do prices not matter wen it comes to how much of the blade shows? Afterall, it is just some no name silver one….reason I say this is cuz I feel like I could do a better line up on my facial hair if I could see more of the blade.

Siren says:

quick answer: DONT

Nathan Martin says:

Should just pluck them! Shaving them makes them grow quicker! And you will stubble

Matt Daglia says:

I wouldnt dye my hair so much if my hair was that fine, ur a guy so its just adding to the inevitable.

Marco91 says:

I need those brows

Abdus Shahid says:

Just learn to thread man it's easier, quicker and the grow back isn't as bad as shaving

MrRFC27 says:

respect your hustle and cuts but my man take care of your skin


What's with the blade sticking out ?

Tapatio Armani says:

What does ur husband think about it???

jose santiago says:

Why aren’t you suppose to use the razor?

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