How To Get Emo Hair

How I Do My Hair

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Thanks for watching 🙂

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  1. How do you grow it out like that, also cutting it

  2. no keep the shirt off*intense fangirl breathing*

  3. You look like Samuel Wayne Allen

  4. for my chemical romance shirt i sub

  5. I love your hair

  6. Wow my little sister said she wants emo hair

    It's my fault…

  7. Love the intro lol

  8. Will you grow your hair back john?

  9. My hair always gets puffy when i dry it

  10. No. 1 rule
    You gotta put MCR merch on!

  11. soy emo tengo asi d largo el cabello

  12. my chemical romance bro

  13. Evanescence, get out of that body!!

  14. I thought emo ppl do there hair by slitting they're wrist, crying, and dying…. Guess not

  15. I made my hair emo well I'm already emo

  16. please do mah hairrrrrr

  17. Your hair looks so soft and fluffy. I wanna rub my face on it lmao.

  18. My chemical romance

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