How To Get Emo Hair

How I Do My Hair

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Kinyuun Hinotowa says:

How do you grow it out like that, also cutting it

Over Waifu says:

no keep the shirt off*intense fangirl breathing*

Kyoko Izumi says:

You look like Samuel Wayne Allen

Drew Salme says:

for my chemical romance shirt i sub

Polo Servin says:

I love your hair

lil_ Axel_XD says:

Wow my little sister said she wants emo hair

It's my fault…

Rainbow Alian•TV says:

Love the intro lol

EMO PUNK says:

Will you grow your hair back john?

V A L E says:

My hair always gets puffy when i dry it

bishal lite says:

No. 1 rule
You gotta put MCR merch on!

Martín Garrix says:

soy emo tengo asi d largo el cabello

Lşsşaşaş Cldiwiqix says:

my chemical romance bro

Dj Sube el Camino says:

Evanescence, get out of that body!!

Illuminati HQ says:

I thought emo ppl do there hair by slitting they're wrist, crying, and dying…. Guess not

A Bender says:

I made my hair emo well I'm already emo

a handsome flower dat luvs u says:

please do mah hairrrrrr

BitchyCatInTheRoom says:

Your hair looks so soft and fluffy. I wanna rub my face on it lmao.

Aruna K says:

My chemical romance

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