How To Get Curly Hair! PERM TUTORIAL!

Hey guys FjCuts back with another video, i know its been a while since my last upload but i am back and better loool! in this video im here to show you how ti get curly hair from straight hair! You will need to go buy the perm kit from your hair shop or order online! After this i will upload the haircut tutorial then i will do another perm using a different perm kit and it will be for the tight curls! So subscribe and like the video!!

What you need:

– Brick Red Perm Rods
– Perm Kit
– Water ( in spray bottle )
– Rubber Bands

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Kaylee Smith says:

Haha blackfishing

Tony Gutierrez says:

U are not supposed to put your finger through the hair they have blow dry for that

Young Apollo says:

Why am i watched this? i have naturally curly hair XD

Christopher says:

Who's watching this when you already curly hair

14 Vevo says:

Swear dis bruddahs from lewisham

kurt.dingal says:

perm brand?

Geobani Martinez says:

This mans really just called that curls smh

Drawen says:

i just typed this with my nipple

Uncapt says:

does this method make the curls stay?

Alonso Achurra says:

Fcking ugly model

Oof Isnotok says:

He look dead inwide

saravana 123 says:

but who fucking wants a curly hair

brian paulino says:

All of that for NTN I do mines with water and my hands

Ntimes2 says:

Why am I watching this my hair is naturally a bit curly

乇乂丨ㄒ says:

As a half Filipino, I hate my curly hair if it gets too long I look like a homeless guy who just woke up.

Mr Tangy says:

Okay my hair reaches top of eyebrow from the front and the sides halfway towards ear is this long enough? Please answer I grew it for 2 months

Chewy Anvils says:

Idk why but these are so satisfying to watch

2Much says:

How does the guy putting the rods on keep his hair up ?

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