How to get BIG straight hair! – Harmonize_Beauty

How to get that Voluminous volume even with straight hair!

My Favorite Aveda products that I use and love are as follows
Brilliant Damage control
Firmata firm hold hair spray
Control Force Hair spray.
Pure Abundance Potion:
Volumizing tonic:
Thickening tonic:
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D D says:

Need this haircut! Thanks for the aveda link!

Gems1850 says:

I’m 35 years old and just learned how to back comb my hair properly for the first time ever thanks to your video! I look amazing! Thank you!

Glenna Elzey says:

You go thru the products too fast

Debra Salt says:

I wish I could afford an iron-wish they'd come down in price but I'm waiting to get a decent one.Thanks for all the tips & tricks here!

Debra Salt says:

Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year Beautiful!

Debra Salt says:

Hi there Harmony, your natural colour looks the same as mine but darn it I get the red tones wanting to take over.May I ask what blonde colour you have used ( or recommend) since I'm at my witz end-I'm really thinking about using different brands since I see lots of women using Redken or Wella.I am really in need to go Blonde and keep my Brown roots but do not want the brassy/copper look.I searched out the new shampoos that will help with that (Clairol Shimmer)? I have healthy hair and I'm dying to make a change but will have to DIY since I'm having to choose between my rent, groceries and electric bill.I'm an out of work proofreader and French tutor.and any suggestions that you can give me would be most appreciated.Also, do you ever sell used flat irons ( I would like to buy a used one and I completely understand that you are no obligation ) and I have a nice head of hair but I'm stuck in a rut! Thank You for any advise….I think you have the best hair channel on You Tube, no kidding!

pinkLeopard580 says:

I just wanted to say that you look great with this hair method. That’s why I wanted to try it. I saw how awesome you look and I wanted to look like that, too! Soooo. Lol. I tried this and. GIRL. My hair looked like a helmet. Even my boyfriend laughed. I think it’s my haircut. You rock it tho and I’m jealous I can’t pull it off, too! Haha.

Jude Ellis says:

I have super straight hair fine hair…everything weights it down. What products would you suggest?



CajunSweetTart says:

I'm a hair stylist too! Love your color! Very pretty blonde tones.

Lauren says:

you cant flatiron your hair every time you want to style it it will damage it then you wont have any hair you will b left with broken off hair stubble…

Yvette says:

Love your videos. I think I have used a flat iron for 10 years now AND no one ever Showed me how to use it properly. Thank you for videos so easy to follow & sharing your knowledge.

ShellsBells says:

You’re adorable but dear God, I can’t with all the LIVE interruptions.

Ashley Ryder says:

You are so sweet! And beautiful


You are so cute and beautiful!

Gwenda Powell says:

I want my hair cut like yours!

fern V says:

Long Island Medium?

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