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In this video I’m teaching you how to dutch braid your own hair step by step in real time. I’m explaining every single step from start to finish – This is dutch braids for beginners!

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B L O G //
I N S T A G R A M //
P E R S O N A L I N S T A G R A M //
P I N T E R E S T //
T W I T T E R //

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C A M E R A // Canon 1100D with a kit lense
E D I T I N G // Final Cut Pro X

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  1. My sister legit think thats a French braid

  2. My hair is so thick, i cant do shit

  3. Masterbraiders

  4. She makes it look so easy i get the first bit happening and then my hairs just like nope

  5. Thanks soooo much it really helped

  6. Omg soooo hard!! Especially with dark hair and bad lighting. But you do such a great job at explaining. I’m super frustrated but I’m not giving up until I get it

  7. Very simple explanation. I have watched vedios and could not understand the trick. I am glad i found this easy tutorial. I have done it for my daughter she is vey happy

  8. This is so confusing

  9. I know HOW to do it
    BUT can I DO it?

  10. this worked really well for me

  11. Thank u soon much I will subscribe to ur YouTube now I love u thank for teaching me ur the best

  12. it really helped me a lot learning French braid

  13. She said something about a triangle of hair and I was all like "Oh, that's so easy, I can totally do this!"… and then she kept moving and I just said "Stop, I'm stuck! Wait!"

  14. Does someone know if I could do this with wet hair?

  15. awesome work
    before watching video , frankly speaking i did nt understand how to do but aftr watcing yours one now i am doin it so best of luck girl

  16. Remember to click the bell next to the "Subscribe" botton, so you dont miss new videos!! x

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