How To Dutch Braid Your Own Hair For Beginners | EverydayHairInspiration

In this video I’m teaching you how to dutch braid your own hair step by step in real time. I’m explaining every single step from start to finish – This is dutch braids for beginners!

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B L O G //
I N S T A G R A M //
P E R S O N A L I N S T A G R A M //
P I N T E R E S T //
T W I T T E R //

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C A M E R A // Canon 1100D with a kit lense
E D I T I N G // Final Cut Pro X



Joanna Ernest says:

My sister legit think thats a French braid

양지혜 says:

My hair is so thick, i cant do shit

amanda McDonald says:


Chantelle King says:

She makes it look so easy i get the first bit happening and then my hairs just like nope

sammi yusuf says:

Thanks soooo much it really helped

Meli C says:

Omg soooo hard!! Especially with dark hair and bad lighting. But you do such a great job at explaining. I’m super frustrated but I’m not giving up until I get it

umsalma salma says:

Very simple explanation. I have watched vedios and could not understand the trick. I am glad i found this easy tutorial. I have done it for my daughter she is vey happy

Gabriela M Zambrano says:

This is so confusing

Kitsune Fox says:

I know HOW to do it
BUT can I DO it?

Ashlee Banwala says:

this worked really well for me

Cangmai Thintuep says:

Thank u soon much I will subscribe to ur YouTube now I love u thank for teaching me ur the best

Subaida C says:

it really helped me a lot learning French braid

Sano says:

She said something about a triangle of hair and I was all like "Oh, that's so easy, I can totally do this!"… and then she kept moving and I just said "Stop, I'm stuck! Wait!"

Ghosted Soul says:

Does someone know if I could do this with wet hair?

Mahis Mad home says:

awesome work
before watching video , frankly speaking i did nt understand how to do but aftr watcing yours one now i am doin it so best of luck girl

EverydayHairInspiration says:

Remember to click the bell next to the "Subscribe" botton, so you dont miss new videos!! x

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