How To Curl Your Hair!



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  1. I love how you do your hair but you don't explain the actual process of the curling at all, I wanted an explanation of what to do with the curling iron.

  2. Mexican people have tons of hair, I guess you guys eat lots of corn?

  3. Was your hair in layers here?

  4. thank you thank you. i have a long hair like yours and just bought a big curling iron and had a disaster doing my hair. i knew i needed to watch an easy tutorial for this. thanks! oh and you're gorgeous. keep it up sis!

  5. That doesn't look natural

  6. How did they cut your hair? It looks lovely!

  7. How long does it take u to curl ur hair

  8. Thin hairs have it easy I need someone to do my hair

  9. I love ur hair colour …

  10. Your so beautiful!!!

  11. May u knw what is your tag number of Nova haircurler…plzzz

  12. It did not work on my hair lick if it did not work to

  13. My hair become very frizzy afer waching hair please suggest me something i am using tresmmme keretin shampoo but i m not aaplying conditioner and i have so many spilts end

  14. step 1: have gorgeous hair

  15. You did it fabulously

  16. I just burned my neck while doing this

  17. Nice extremely beautiful
    How i would do my hair

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