HOW TO CURL FADE | Beard Tutorial | by dlucs_

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This Post Has 17 Comments

  1. Too much talking

  2. Dam can you come in with the video?????

  3. I used to have 3 ft of hair and still haven't found a cut like after 3 months… where @& how much?

  4. 167th like and 49th comment so early. #awake #23:30pm:-)

  5. What kind of comb are you using for clipper over comb? Im a barber and haven't seen that one.

  6. Is keke the same person chief keef was talking about haha

  7. Quick question: I currently have this cut but it's a little higher, and I'm trying to eventually grow into a manbun. Lately I've been thinking should I start growing out the back, maybe a hawk or something. Any recommendations.

  8. It's annoying how most people don't know how to cut my hair! I'm feeling tempted to send this to my barber n be like yo man step it up a bit

  9. $85 for a cut and trim…damn that's steep. This man must be rich if he comes in once a week for a cut.

  10. Bra wassup with them earrings

  11. What is the es3 blade?

  12. I could never understand why younger dudes prefer their neckline so high, it should be one finger above the adams apple, but the shape up is still amazing

  13. One good slap on the neck

  14. whats the difference between the andis masters n the fade masters

  15. Annoying voice that talks too much. You don't need two clippers to fade hair nor two trimmers to line-up. This is ridiculous.

  16. $85 is a rip-off. The fade ain't even great. There is a weight-line on the right side of his head.

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