HOW TO CURL FADE | Beard Tutorial | by dlucs_

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Jojo Welz says:

Too much talking

Elite Mentality says:

Dam can you come in with the video?????

jonathan mosby says:

I used to have 3 ft of hair and still haven't found a cut like after 3 months… where @& how much?

Sherjeel Chaudhry says:

167th like and 49th comment so early. #awake #23:30pm:-)

Dale DeLong says:

What kind of comb are you using for clipper over comb? Im a barber and haven't seen that one.

Peter says:

Hey guys! I designed a T-shirt for beards, feedback would be appreciated!

Havik Salazar says:

Is keke the same person chief keef was talking about haha

KingJamesXXV says:

Quick question: I currently have this cut but it's a little higher, and I'm trying to eventually grow into a manbun. Lately I've been thinking should I start growing out the back, maybe a hawk or something. Any recommendations.

Timothy Ruffle says:

It's annoying how most people don't know how to cut my hair! I'm feeling tempted to send this to my barber n be like yo man step it up a bit

LiftOrGTFO says:

$85 for a cut and trim…damn that's steep. This man must be rich if he comes in once a week for a cut.

marcello kendall says:

Bra wassup with them earrings

Marcus Dixon says:

What is the es3 blade?

perspective outlook says:

I could never understand why younger dudes prefer their neckline so high, it should be one finger above the adams apple, but the shape up is still amazing

Blk Palms says:

One good slap on the neck

Julius Wright says:

whats the difference between the andis masters n the fade masters

Who Killed Me? says:

Annoying voice that talks too much. You don't need two clippers to fade hair nor two trimmers to line-up. This is ridiculous.

Who Killed Me? says:

$85 is a rip-off. The fade ain't even great. There is a weight-line on the right side of his head.

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