In this video Lauryn Evarts Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential shares how to treat acne. This video will show you how to combat zits & clear pimples. Lauryn shares her tips and go-to Swedish spot cream ( ).

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+ leef soap:
+ clay spot cream:
+ face wash:
+ retinol serum:
+ SPF mist:
+ botanical serum:
+ illuminating mist:
+ settle down spray:
+ superfood oil:
+ 5b toner:
+ vitamin c serum:
+ superfood oil:
+ eye gel:
+ jade roller:
+ peel pads:
+ age arrest cream:
+ leopard scrunchie:
+ sweater:
+ earrings:

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About this video:

In this video Lauryn Evarts Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential shares her routine to clear pimples and zits. This skincare routine will show you how to maintain clear skin. You will find the exact acne treatments and products for glowing, clear skin.

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Megan Govea says:

Love this and love dr Dennis gross!!! Would love to see an everyday hair tutorial or what products you use in your hair! ♥️

Alainna Zambelli says:

I LOVE these skin videos. And I understand why you put extra product on your hands – great idea. But doesn’t it bother you that your hands are so greasy now? Like isn’t it hard to open things or touch anything with all those greasy oils on your hands? Maybe that’s just me..

cunty clair says:

Just binged all of your videos, I love everythingggg about you and ur videos legit i actually watch the whole thing compared to so many other beauty channels hahaha

Sierra Opper says:

Can you make a video on "mile high" skincare? A routine that you could use on an international or red eye flight of a long travel day! I love using a facial roller while the airplane taxis (feel like this helps me time a good 5+ min. easily and gets that lymphatic drainage started before reaching the high altitudes, I always get a little swollen on long airplane rides) or I like to roll over a sheet mask before going to bed on an overnight flight and I always love finishing off the flight with an eye mask really quick before I land to feel fresh and get rid of puffy eyes. Then I'll run to the bathroom once I land to put on makeup depending on if my itinerary starts right a way for my trip or, if not, I can do that at the hotel! I also have a trick when flying economy of a domestic flight to order the whole can of water with a straw instead of getting just a small cup! All the hydration for those travel days!

Tara W says:

I’d love to see a video/post of your most repurchased products! I notice some products that stay the same throughout your videos and posts but it seems like most of the products change a lot

annie lawson says:

Would love to see you go to your facialist and see what you ask for and what she does!

Erin Lowry says:

I’d love to see what you use for full body moisturizing! I get especially dry skin on my legs even when I use lotion and I’d love something new to try that’s TSC approved!

Lindsay Scott says:

A video about alternative therapies or remedies you love would be interesting!!

Bailey Sexton says:

I would love to see a self- care/pamper routine. Candles, bath stuff, meditation, face masks, the whole works. I bet you have some great products, and I'm DYING to know what they are.

Caroline Hale says:

I've been binge watching your videos all day! I would love to see a video on dealing with hormonal imbalances. I have PCOS and through a strict regulated diet I have been able to lose 20 lbs in 7 months, only to gain 10 lbs back when I slipped up for the last few months. I am trying to get back to where I was and it is SO hard to find information about this on YouTube. I DIE for all your tips and would love to know if you have any insight in dealing with hormonal weight loss difficulty as well as hormonal acne! ❤️ thanks so much girl!

Andrea Robinette says:

Love it! Your soundtracks are always on point! How about a video on your current hair care routine!!

Holistic hype says:

Im literally obsessed with you! Into holistic health? Check it::

Erika Goodrich says:

Would love a video on what you use for your for the rest of your body!

dimediaries says:

LOVE this video! Super helpful and informative! You’re the skincare queen.

Pitchy says:

Hi ! Do you use all the products all at the same time? I have combination skin I just want to know if it’s ok to use all the products u have listed below all at the same time, Hope to hear from u. Thanks

Meghan Halloran says:

You morning facial massage routine before make up and more details of the benefits of facial massages.

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