How To Clean Your Lashes by House of Lashes

House of Lashes strip lashes are made to last! By properly storing and cleaning your lashes regularly you can significantly extend their wear. Here are a few simple and easy steps to help you clean your lashes on either a thin or thick band.

Materials needed:
Q tips
Oil free Waterproof Makeup Remover
Paper Towel

Step by Step Directions:
– Step 1: Lay down a paper towel to set your lashes on
– Step 2: Dip q tip in makeup remover and saturate
– Step 3: Rub q tip back and forth on lash band to soften residue
– Step 4: Gently with tweezers or your fingertips remove residue off of lash band while holding the lashes taut



SugarD3ar says:

i wish i saw this sooner i just bought the boudoir minis and tried to get the glue off and the band ripped off with it 🙁 and i only wore them once!

Teresa Lang says:

How do you clean the lashes if you have fall out glitter towards the band? Can you use the same cleaning agent on the actual lash?

Bonnie Anderson says:

Nice vidéo (could do without the annoying music though) question – I have the double sided lash book and I need to know how to get lashes to stick so when I close it they don’t all fall onto each other

Zumer Kadri says:

going to give this a try .
thank you house of lashes

Homo Cosmic says:

You must have very gentle fingers, not to tear the strip of lashes )) That's why I'm also using them only rarely! I am recently enjoying the results of Cherish Lash growth serum, really a big surprise in all meanings.

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