How to: Clean your False Lashes

Hi loves! So I posted this video to my instagram page and decided to share it here as well. I get lots of people ask me if I reuse my lashes and if so, how do I clean them. Let me just say that cleaning your lashes as soon as you take them off is easiest! But, if you are like me and you wait and wait…its ok!

I take a small bowl and fill it with warm/hot water mixed with any kind of facial soap or soap without any oils. Add your lashes into the soapy water and let them sit 3-5 minutes. Once you take the lash out that you are going to clean, rinse the soap off before removing the glue. You want to hold firmly onto the lash as close to the band as possible when removing the glue. This prevents you from breaking the lash band. After all glue has been removed, pat the lash dry and put it back in its home!

Happy Lash Cleaning!

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This was so helpful! I LOVE your nails! xoxo

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Where do you buy your Ben nye powders from?

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