How To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

Tutorial on how to properly clean your eyelash extensions.



You So says:

Good video!❤

MrJcortez310 says:

The music is way to loud . Very distracting

Deanna Walker says:

The music is way too loud and when showing how much you use it wasnt even in this shot so you couldn't tell how much was in there. You lost me after that

SovereignLoveandTruth says:

Hi, can you tell me what the name of the Bush you used. I just get a spoolie brush from my lash tech.

Maria Rios says:

What is the eyelash shampoo.?

Olga says:

the music is too loud

Karen Jeffers says:

Music too loud

Ariel Ryan says:

Thank you for this !!

Nha Trang Nguyen says:

Cleaning by using the brush looks so relax

GI GI7! says:

This was so helpful

The Skin Games says:

Cleaning the eyelash exensions is super easy with Dirty Lash from Dermastart! 🙂

박미희 says:

Individual one-by-one natural hair, mink or silk eyelash extensions available. Eyelash extensions do not hurt your original eyelashes or are painful when wasing your face.  30minutes each 30piece $40 or 1hour  volume 2D to 6D $75 or 90 minutes $100 or 2 hours $150 MasterCard,VISA ok. VB Teaching private too 7574745649

Jodie Marie says:

The music is shit! How are we suppose to hear you?

Ibia Mercado says:

Would baby shampoo be ok to use as a cleanser?

Taylor Davis says:

Where do you buy a good lash cleaner

Emily King says:

Where do you buy those mini fan brushes?

Sandy Samuel says:

Nah this dumb bitch really brushing her dead eyelashes back into her eyes tf

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